Kaieteur National Park, Botanical Gardens to be restored…in time to welcome visitors for Golden Jubilee celebrations


The Kaieteur National Park and the Botanical Gardens will soon undergo massive restorative works as the Administration prepares for the celebration of Guyana’s Golden Jubilee.

kaieteurIn a press release issued today, Natural Resources Minister, Raphael Trotman stated that better systems are being put in place to ensure greater visitor safety at the Kaieteur National Park.

“We are going to be putting up some protective rails to act as deterrent to persons who have other thoughts in mind. We have already introduced a set of protocols like no alcohol, two guides at any one time, one in front and one at the back for every group. As we prepare for the 5oth anniversary we know that thousands of people are coming home, Guyanese and others and so we want to make sure Kaieteur is ready for them in its full glory,” Minister Trotman stated.

The park has been plagued with a few suicides over the past months.

Meanwhile, in Georgetown, plans will soon come on stream to transform the Botanical Gardens to have the park return to its original state.

“We would like to take it back to a place of botany, where people can come and see the different plant species that Guyana is famous for. Right now it is more of a recreational park and not enough is being done on the botanical side, so we are going to change that up a bit,” the Minister assured.

The Minister also disclosed that rehabilitation works will be carried out on the ‘Seven Ponds Place of Heroes’ and the Zoological Park. Works are expected to commence soon after the passage of the 2016 National Budget on February 22.




  1. Kaieteur National Park, Botanical Gardens to be restored…in time to welcome visitors for Golden Jubilee celebrations.
    PNC mass preparation for their big jump up.
    Hope it does not blow up in their faces::
    PNC said more people arrived in Guyana in January this year compared to last year January .. Lets hope this trend continues after PNC big jump up..
    And on another note: Media houses in Guyana must make documented notes of who going and who coming with their bling bling and their gallahar and who will be arrested and who will get in and out without a hitch.

  2. Steups. Please report accurately. . “Restoration is continuing”. This project was ongoing some two years now.


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