President’s ‘Three Bs’ Initiative…School bus back on the road after experiencing mechanical problems


Less than one month after being commissioned by President David Granger, the two 24-seater buses which were meant to be used to transport children in Region Five (Mahaica/Berbice) to and from school free of charge are experiencing mechanical problems, according to sources in the Region.

busINews was told that one of these buses had been taken to a well known workshop over the weekend to have the problem fixed and has since recommenced transporting children as of yesterday, Monday.

According to a source, although the school buses are not ‘working properly’ they are both being used to transport children and each school bus is only making “one trip per day”.

These two 24-seater buses, ‘David G1 and David G2’, were handed over to the Regional Education Department of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) mid last month.

It had been reported that the two buses were gifted to the Regional Administration by the President. Prominent members of the corporate community chipped in and made the initiative possible.







  1. President THEE B (Three BULL S***) was painted with the PNC colour and these crooks seems to think the public will be duped to believe that the Guyana national colours are YELLOW GREEN and BLACK…..LIKE HELLO….It is standard 5 COLOURS….Where is the WHITE AND RED? so STOP lying to the dunce people ….MAYBE NAGA man and RUMJATTAN do not know the Guyana standard colours BUT EVERYONE ELSE DOES….STOP painting the public service vehicles which are PAID for by Tax payers DOLLARS with your party colours…Where is DEMOCRACY? These these CROOKS speak to tackle corruption when the leaders are the MOST corrupted? If you are doing a GOOD job, why are you worried to promote your party and suppress the others…..

  2. you idiot, what does corporate guyana donating three school buses to help with the plight of poor school children have to do with bankrupting guyana? the massa will always be right if they have to install governments so that school children can go to school and get an education rather than parents having to watch the drop out because they do not afford transportation fees. maybe when the pnc and burnham was giving away free education from kindergarten to university you missed the bus.

  3. President’s ‘Three Bs’ Initiative…School bus back on the road after experiencing mechanical problems
    Paint it green and yella all you want you will still bankrup guyana..
    All Guyanese knows PNC never won an election in Guyana period.
    The two times they rule is when they get on their knees begging massa to install them..


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