Justice Singh adds voice to end violence against women and girls

Justice Claudette Singh

Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Justice (Rtd) Claudette Singh, has joined the ‘”O MORE” initiative which seeks to lobby for an end to domestic and sexual violence against women and young girls.

In a video sponsored and posted online by the London-based Commonwealth Secretariat, Justice Singh contended that domestic and other forms of violence leave life-long scars on  victims.

She outlined that during her tenure as a Judge, she tried many murder cases which had their genesis in domestic violence.

She also pointed out that many cases of sexual assault perpetrated against women and young girls were brought before her.

“Although the perpetrators were convicted and justice was served, there remain many cases of domestic and sexual violence that are not reported and brought before the court owing to pride and other family reasons,” Justice Singh said.

“Domestic and sexual violence should never occur in the first place,” she firmly stated.

Justice Singh added: “they leave life-long scars, and some victims never recover from the physical, psychological and emotional trauma. I urge every woman and every girl to seek help now.”

“Domestic violence must end now, I call on every Guyanese and other Commonwealth citizens to say NO MORE to domestic and sexual violence against women and girls,” Justice Singh urged.