Junior Finance Minister debunks report on name change

Junior Finance Minister Bishop Juan Edghill. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Junior Finance Minister Bishop Juan Edghill. [iNews' Photo]
Junior Finance Minister Bishop Juan Edghill. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Junior Finance Minister Bishop Juan Edghill has again denied reports that he is in effect an outlaw, having changed his name to avoid prosecution for the murder of a man.

Reports that first surfaced in 2011 about Edghill’s alleged name change and illegal conduct resurfaced again today Wednesday, April 22 in the Kaieteur News’ daily column, ‘Dem Boys Seh.’

But Edghill at a press conference at the Ministry of Finance said that the column was slanderous and untruth. The Junior Finance Minister denied that he ever had a name change pointing out that like many Guyanese he was born to a common law family and hence was given his mother’s maiden name.

“For the record I present to the nation of Guyana my birth certificate, my original birth certificate,” Edghill said while holding up a copy of his birth certificate at the press conference.

Edghill pointed out that for the entirety of his life, he has lived in accordance with his Christian beliefs and principles.

“I find it to be offensive, derogatory, malicious, vindictive and it is designed to distort, to defame and ridicule me because of my political affiliation and association,” Edghill lamented.

He told media operatives that he is especially concerned since his name is being slandered and a good name, once lost, is especially hard to regain. He called on the Kaieteur News to retract the column.

“This lie must be debunked, it must not be allowed to continue to be peddled because my belief is a thief who steals your purse steals nothing, but a good name is to be chosen rather than riches,” said Eghill.



  1. Mr Edgmill that cannot in guyana be the original birth paper sinc when you were born many moons ago it never looked like that , i am way your junior and my original copy is a big 81/2 by 11 paper with red lines .just hope the one you display wasant produced during the period of mass production

  2. observer…go bring glen lall to trial for murder first then the ppp man will personally apologize to you..

  3. Kaieteur News is known for their Lies, Deceptions and wickedness! Winston Felix was heard telling Basil Williams in their conversation that Glen Lall is known for picking up anything and publish even garbage, and that “Glen Lall does pay his police men a lil five and six thousand dollars and them men does feel nice”
    Yet Felix never see it fit to charge Glen Lall with Bribery. Please Google:
    “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams Tape”

  4. Juan Edghill is on record saying at a Public PPP/C 2011 Elections Campaign campaign meeting in Kitty, Georgetown, that “Jesus would vote for the PPP/C.” I think it is time for Edghill to apologize to genuine Guyanese Christians for that “Offensive, derogatory, mailicous,vindictive” statement by Juan Edghill, which was “designed to distort, to defame and ridicule” the holy name of our Lord and Savour, Jesus Christ.


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