Female activist rejects Ramsaran’s apology; stages protest outside Health Ministry

Protesters in front the Ministry of Health. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Sherlina Nageer during the protest in front the Ministry of Health. [iNews' Photo]
Sherlina Nageer during the protest in front the Ministry of Health. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Women’s rights activist, Sherlina Nageer says she does not accept the apology issued by Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, who verbally assaulted her on Monday, April 20 outside the Whim Magistrate’s Court in Berbice.

During a protest outside the Health Ministry on Wednesday, April 22, Nageer told members of the media that the apology was not made directly to her.

“I don’t accept the apology; the apology wasn’t made to me. The insult is not to me personally but to all the women of Guyana and men…We know it’s just a PR [Public Relations] stunt.”

She said the protest is not in reaction to what occurred between herself and the Minister, but one which is seeking to raise awareness of sexual violence in Guyana and urging people to speak out against it. According to her, this is the fourth such protest with the Health Ministry being chosen as the location.

Protesters in front the Ministry of Health. [iNews' Photo]
Protesters in front the Ministry of Health. [iNews’ Photo]
“When people in high positions, like Ministers and Presidents, when they say things like that, we believe that they should be called out so that’s why we’re here at this location today,” Nageer explained.

When asked what specific action she wants to be seen taken against Dr Ramsaran, Nageer said: “I want to see the Minister do his job; to address the high rates of maternal mortality, address mental health and suicide…The disrespect and the statement towards me just shows us the kind of people that we’re dealing with.”

During the confrontation outside the court house, the Health Minister, who is also a Candidate on the list for the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), threatened to slap and strip Nageer, who interrupted his interview with Reporters, challenging him to defend his record in government.

The exchange of words was recorded, the contents of which was revealed by the media on Tuesday, March 21.

“Shut your mouth and get out my face…I am not entertaining you…You idiot, we have less maternity. I am a Candidate leading these people. We are going to win the elections and do better….Get the hell out of my face…. F off” said Dr Ramsaran could be heard saying on the recording.

He went on to tell Nageer that she is “a little piece of shit…idiot,” and asked a nearby police officer to arrest her.



  1. This woman was DRAGGED UP. She followed the minister hundreds of miles to create problem . What a way to gain recognition and become a STAR.!!

  2. This woman have no manners, the minister was been interview by another person when this so call activist keep disturbing the interview with question of her own, the minister ignore her for some time but it reach a boiling point and we all know what happened. On the other hand went you get into politic you have to have tick skin and clearly the minister don’t have that. This woman is not a victim in this incident, she provoke it.

  3. We all came from the womb of a woman and it is disgusting to hear a Minister speak so disparagingly of a woman. Regardless of party affiliation we we need demand higher standards from political leaders.

  4. they are so predictable now…most guyanese knows this will lead to protest and march and chant that the minister must go..this woman is a disgrace to the human race to carry herself in such degrading and vulgar manner..look at her and see who she could represent..she does not know it as yet but will soon find out she is being used with the abuse soon to come when she fails to deliver..so far shes doing great for her political handlers

  5. Apologies is not enough for you PNC, a pound of flesh may do.
    Roger Sadhu, and Sherlina was not approach by the Politician.
    The man was in Berbice as a Politician and not to practice Medicine or to Prescribe medications or to dispense any medication as claimed by Roger.
    Did Sherlina Nageer Apologized for being intrusive?
    Why did this Pugnacious woman follow the man from GT to Whim?
    Who was the Aggressor there?
    Who approaches who there?
    Did the Politician asked for her presence there during the interview?
    Was she right to intimidate the man?
    What give her the right to disturb the man while being interviewed by the Press?
    Since when is it okay to approach someone and make baseless accusations?
    Why didn’t she leave when the Politician asked her to leave him alone?
    Is Sherlina his wife/boss to asked him what he’s doing there?
    Why did she question the man about other people marriage?
    Didn’t she use crude language too?
    Was that antagonistic PNC woman right to provoke the man?
    Am I to assume that only women have right?

  6. Your ignorance precedes you. His actions were clearly offensive. It was not political but personal. The action defined the man.

  7. Not all dogs go to Heaven!
    When she jump into the political arena, she is fair game.
    She is behaving like a true PNC people. When they lose and they don’t get their way, they cry racism.
    Not all women behave like you Ms PNC activist.
    Work hard for Granger your reward will come just like Forbes Burnham did to people of Indian descent.

  8. Man I don’t care how much people might want to say that he was provoked, the fact that he knew he was being recorded and continued to disrespect that woman just goes to show that he doesn’t give a hang about the office he holds, the party he’s representing or the public’s opinion of his behaviour, because it would have been very dumb of him to think that what transpired there would not have been made public. Come on now I think he should be made an example for the rest of them who believe they’re above the

  9. That Minister of Health is an embarrassment. He should loose his job immediately speaking to citizens in that manner. His true character was shown when he itched to slap her… a man of such ill character should never be the position he’s in. He’ll certainly be part of the downfall of the PPP.

  10. the minister is a fool..nuff ppp members dont know they are being set up..stop the road side interview. reporters want an interview with u..they must make an appointment…then if decided on the subject matter..then it be done in your office..and make sure your office is not bugged..your phone is not bugged..dont give no interview on the phone period..no one will say this woman shown total disrespect..now for the big question…could any ppp activist go into linden – buxton or agricola and do to a pnc big man or woman like what she done..she has a right to go into whim an do strut her stuff..drugged up and all..

  11. This man has no right to run for elected office. If he has any decency, he will do the right thing and resign. And immediately!!
    Anyone in public office must take the high road.


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