Joey Jagan tipped to be new Consul General in NY

Dr Joey Jagan (center) along with President David Granger and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo.
Dr Joey Jagan (center) along with President David Granger and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo.
Dr Joey Jagan (center) along with President David Granger and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo.

[] – As the new government moves to replace diplomatic representatives across the world, Dr Joey Jagan has been tipped to replace Brentnol Evans as Guyana’s Consul General in New York.

iNews has been reliably informed that Dr Jagan has already relocated to New York and has told his family about the new position. When asked about this recently by iNews, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon said he is not aware of such, but pointed out that the APNU+AFC government has already taken steps to replace its foreign representatives at Embassies and High Commissions across the world.

Brentnol Evans
Brentnol Evans

He said the government has already informed all Guyanese diplomats of their replacements so that systems can be put in place to usher in the new representatives before November.

Joey Jagan, the son of the late President, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, officially endorsed the APNU+AFC coalition during the election campaign, distancing himself from the party his father founded – the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).




  1. Joey can’t be trusted. His mother never had political faith in him. Why is he going to represent Guyana in New York?????

  2. Some just cant take FAX,it hurts to the bone,sorry DOMB BO,but I AM GUYANESE not a coolie,I never supported PNC, to update you and many cockroaches like yourself,GUYANESE are going to be so much happier in daus to come,your life will become worse come next election,REALITY will hit home,PPP/pnc,(OUT RIP). Its the power of uncle sam,

  3. How did Ulele Burnham get involved here? Include her OUT!
    I never met her, sir. But , throw your stones elsewhere. I am told that she is a LADY.

  4. This country is becoming to be big joke. Everything APNU/AFC was opposing while in opposition , they are doing the same or even worse now as the government. Greenage is on record saying only people who are career diplomatic will appointed, yet he appoint joey. Bulkan is on record saying politicians should not be public servants, yet he appoint , parker, hinds, douwnes, ramaya as REO. Broomes said that the ppp while power hand pick people and give high paid job, however jordan is doing the same. He hand pick six of his friends and give them high paid jobs. Basil appoint the new land registar and deputy without advertising. All these guys talks alot obout transparency . I believe president granger means well, but he should walk the talk and fire these ministers immediately.

  5. Confused or just ,,blog because i got a free laptop from freedom house? Its not a curry mouth being replaced domb domb , its not whatever cleansing you call it, its called IMPROVEMENT or to put it better,,,,getting rid of the FAT, 23 years of fattening personal bank accounts, who is replacing who,,take a look before you cry,,,kick start your brain before your mouth,,,

  6. These ppl are for real what makes Joey a diplomat,or what diplomatic qualities he has?? Whats the strategy here apnu afc?
    I dont get it.

  7. Awesome. Now get Ulele Burnham a similar responsibility… and symbolically let Guyana start back from the days when it was us Guyanese against the “world”, rather than that which has evolved into “us against them” and apanjat. Can we do this; yes we can.


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