Granger, Maduro to meet on Sunday

President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro
President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro
President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro

[] – Guyana’s President, David Granger is expected to participate in a meeting with Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro on Sunday, September 27 in New York, which will be facilitated by the United Nations.

iNews has been able to confirm that the meeting will be held at the office of Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon at 19:00 hrs. Tension escalated between the two nations when Venezuela deployed its military personnel and equipment close to Guyana’s borders on September 20.

This will be the first time that the two Presidents will meet face to face since Maduro issued a decree, claiming two thirds of Guyana’s territory, following the discovery of a significant amount of oil in Guyana’s waters.

Maduro recently revealed that he is interested in a “one on one” talk with the Guyanese Head of State, who has since noted that he too is interested in meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart.

In the meantime, the Guyana Defense Force has placed its soldiers on high alert and to be ready for any eventuality.



  1. Sources, have indicated that this is a plot to regain office and be the hero for the guyanese people.

    Tensions will escalate, and guyana WILL lose 2/3 of its territory. HOWEVER, rest assured, this is all in the planS of winning back the Presidency.

    A secret pack has been made.

    This is all I am allowed to divulge before causing any corruption and hatred for our beloved champion of the Earth.

    I am gravely saddened to have learned this information and
    It breaks my heart!

  2. Diplomacy….!!! So proud of our President.

    Just sorry that he does not have someone like Elizabeth Harper on this team.


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