Jaguar caught in Buckhall

A jaguar captured by residents of Buckhall, Essequibo Coast in 2013
The alleged jaguar which was caught by the workers in Buckhall.

[]Workers at Buckhall Essequibo, Region Two have captured what they described as a ‘baby Jaguar’ in their log yard. iNews was informed that the animal was caught last Wednesday, October 2.

According to the workers, they turned out to work around 9:00hrs and was removing logs, when they spotted the alleged jaguar amidst the rubble. The workers related that they beat the animal and thought it had died. However, to their surprise, as they were about to tie a rope around its neck, the animal jumped on one of the workers.

The animal is currently in a cage in the compound and the management of the company plans to make contact with Zoo.



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