Jagdeo considered “slight concession” of Guyana’s river territory to Venezuela


By Jomo Paul

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

[www.inewsguyana.com]Opposition Leader and Former President Bharrat Jagdeo says under his tenure, he would have considered the option of surrendering parts of Guyana’s riverain territory to Venezuela.

Jagdeo made the disclosure at a press conference on Friday afternoon, October 23, where he disclosed some of his concerns about the methods being employed by President David Granger to bring the issue to a defined solution.

“There were other options that involved a negotiated settlement which did not see any land concessions that the 1899 award would remain intact…you could probably on the maritime area, give Venezuela a channel out to the sea. So you make a slight concession in the maritime area but ensure that you do not concede any territory that is land-based,” said Jagdeo, a former President.

But Jagdeo was emphatic that there are several other options at the disposal of the APNU+AFC administration and the United Nations that would see the ultimate resolution of the border controversy.

The Leader of the Opposition questioned whether the juridical option was the best given the dynamics of the situation and whether it would see the UN pulling out of the process; something which he objected to.Venezuela/Guyana

“There are several other options, I am not saying the juridical option is bad, I am saying did we decide as a country to go this route – can we go it alone? What is Venezuela does not want to go this route?” he questioned.

“Will it means us losing the UN because this option is not available in their charter. I am not questioning the juridical route I am just saying that it is very important (to know whether the UN was on board,)” Jagdeo added.

He maintained that the PPP supports the government of Guyana on the border issue and that should not be questioned.

“Keep the United Nations involved even if you go the juridical route…keep the UN involved at all costs,” stated Jagdeo. Pointing to the border issue with Suriname, Jagdeo stated that from where he sits he is certain that the issue never left the President Desi Bouterse’s agenda.

“I don’t know if it ever left the agenda. There are times when they would not mention it but I was in no way under the illusion that it was not on their agenda,” he stated.

But despite that statement, Jagdeo was pellucid that the Guyana’s border with Suriname is settled and the “New River Triangle is ours by agreement.”

Meanwhile, Jagdeo is advocating that the APNU+AFC administration expeditiously put steps in place for the establishment of a Border Committee.



  1. Who the beep is jagdeo he can’t do that how Much they pay him for that that’s just wrong me saying that as a Trinidadian who live in Canada and have no ties to Guyana any one can see this is wrong

  2. Why now ? Never heard my parents/grand parents saying that Venezuela and Suriname had claims on Guyana’s territory.It’s the oil that’s ‘fulling dey eye’. Not a blade o’ grass..Hope we will eventually have friendly and non-greedy neighbors.

  3. Was this guy really a president of Guyana? Oh my God…….if i was one who voted for him i would die of shame. He is a constant reminder of the depravity of psychopath and the intellect if an illiterate. It pains me to tell anyone that he was an elected official in my country. Both Cheddi and Forbes must be turning in their resting places after that statement.

  4. This border was settled in 1899 so there’s no option you should be banned from holding any public office. You are just a self serving ideot how much more dumb could you be. Place this before the U.N. and let us prepare to defend Guyana at all cost and by any means. You should be placed before a military tribunal.

  5. Such an amazing dunce in real life no patriotic moral after pocketing the country assets and money this greedy fool still have the nerve to be involved in these decisions wish god could help Guyana move away from jagdeo he is such a disease in the form of a plague so tired seing this man trying to bring the people of Guyana down to the bottomless pit we as a people are very smart but poverty allows every other nation to disrespect us finally theres a chance for us to acquire respect on this planet and now Venezuela I tink Granger should loan his gold mines and oil find into arms from the USA war planes and SAMs mostly buy some gunships from china cause both of those countries are not going to stop till something serious happens

  6. What a sick and demented idea. There is a youtube video where this individual is seen being lectured by Chavez on the Essequibo while he sits there like a timid school child. This statement was written in July about this video.

    Some translation will be needed. This meeting he may have provided Venezuela with some assurance that we are ready to give them Essequibo. Please review the video.

  7. This boy is a flat out and straight up sell out. He is a traitor. He has already sold out parts of Guyana to some foreigners.
    Which government leader who respects his country’s sovereignty will ever concede an inch of land or air or sea space to a neighboring government as an appeasement?
    The PPP has to dump Jagdeo or else this boy will likely aid and abet Venezuela in its greedy aim to steal Guyana.

  8. I’ve said it before, this pervert made a deal with Venezuela during his reign, and got a whole lot of money in return. What other reason he’d make a statement about the Orinoco River? HEY BHA-RAT, Guyana does not belong to you, you do not now, or ever have the Authority to sell or give away any part of the country to other countries. YOU BELONG IN JAIL NEXT TO YOUR BUDDY ROGER KHAN!


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