Jagdeo “fit as a fiddle” to be Opposition Leader – Rohee


By Fareeza Haniff

PPP[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has reiterated that Bharrat Jagdeo is the “best” person to lead the Party, dismissing any doubts about his competence.

General Secretary, Clement Rohee told a news conference on Monday, August 10 that Jagdeo was unanimously selected by the Executive Committee of the PPP along with the support of immediate former President, Donald Ramotar.

According to Rohee, Jagdeo is only interested in getting the PPP back in office.

But when asked why he was chosen, Rohee said, “Because we felt at this point in time, he is the best. He is the, of the 18 members of the Executive, in terms of who can represent us in the National Assembly, he is the primus inter pares [the first among equals]”.

Rohee however noted that he [Rohee] made way for Jagdeo to be Opposition Leader and supported him, given the fact that he too dreamed of once leading the Party.

The General Secretary made it clear that Jagdeo never approached the PPP and said he wanted the post, explaining to reporters that he was selected by members of the central and Executive committees of the PPP.

“For us he is as fit as a fiddle,” Rohee said about Jagdeo. Since 2011, Jagdeo had mostly kept himself out of Guyana’s politics but reappeared during the 2015 elections campaign.

He had noted on many occasions that he is no longer interested in any constitutional posts in the country but his name still appeared on the PPP’s list of Candidates for the May 11 elections.

When this was pointed out to Rohee, he noted “Jagdeo was never out of politics…Jagdeo has been a member and continues to be a member of the central committee…and while he may have been off on his external activities, that did not mean that his participation in the central committee and in the executive committee of the Party, where the local politics…are discussed, that he did not participate…he was always there.”




  1. Guyanese are a bunch of deranged people. Before the 2015 elections many lunatics on these blooging sites claimed how great this man made Guyana, after May 11th, reality set in and a true picture of this impoverished nation affairs has even revealed. All this corruption plagued man and his confederates did was reap havoc with the treasury. Now you have idiots like Bobby and Gavin being pleased with this vulture heading the opposition, Guyana may be better off with a mad like Maduro, than a crook like Jagdeo!

  2. Majority of Guyanese is celebrating victory already for the Doctor of politics and progress!!!!! A gush of fresh air….breathe my people.

  3. Let’s Hope he’s as fit as a fiddle to make his next court appearance and not attempt to avoid the same by providing some bogus medical excuse.


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