Acting Traffic Chief warns ranks to be professional

Traffic Ranks along the parade route. [iNews' Photo]

By Leroy Smith

Acting Traffic Chief, Dion Moore
Acting Traffic Chief, Dion Moore

[] –Acting Traffic Chief, Dion Moore is sending a strong message to ranks from the Traffic Department of the Guyana Police Force to conduct themselves in a professional manner or face the consequences of improper behaviour.

Moore, in a recent interview with iNews, indicated that any report of improper behaviour or practices by traffic ranks during the execution of their duties will be investigated swiftly and thoroughly.

The Traffic Chief emphasised that one of his major concerns is the manner in which traffic officers interact with road users on a daily basis.

He said traffic ranks should treat all persons in the same manner of respect regardless of whether that person wears a jacket and tie or casual clothing.

Traffic Ranks along the parade route. [iNews' Photo]
Traffic Ranks along the parade route. [iNews’ Photo]
He said that he is not unaware of the practice by some ranks in how they address minibus drivers and taxi drivers and called for professionalism in that regard as he stressed that the selective courtesy must be a thing of the past.

Moore also noted that the Police Force does have a system to monitor the breaching of traffic lights, explaining that CCTV cameras mounted at the junctions are not under constant monitoring.




  1. The GPF on the whole, not only traffic cops, needs reforming but in the meantime, the maintenance of law and order on our roads must continue. The quality of recruits needs to be looked at. I have come across some traffic cops who have little or no knowledge outside the region where they live in addition to being very poor at spellings. Recently, a particular cop stationed at Madewini asked me where is Wakenaam. One cannot know the names and location of all the places in Guyana but not knowing where Wakenaam is, was a shocker. Politeness is foreign to many traffic cops. They abuse the power associated with the uniform. They do not request bribes but make threats and demand bribes. I will hasten to add that I have come across many helpful decent, friendly hard working cops whose attitude and general deportment worth emulating.

  2. Congratulations Mr Moore on your position as acting traffic chief, please let your village police station be your main concern there is too much bribes taken at Reliance Police Station


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