Jagdeo clears the air: Opposition Parliamentarians will not accept salary increase

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo.

By Fareeza Haniff

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo.
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo has debunked remarks by his General Secretary, Clement Rohee that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is still to decide on whether its Parliamentarians will accept or reject the salary increase by the David Granger led administration.

During a telephone interview with iNews on Monday, October 19, the Opposition Leader made it clear that the PPP Parliamentarians have decided not to accept the salary increase, after discussing the issue with him.

Jagdeo decided to clear the air on the issue following the publication of an iNews story today under the headline: PPP still undecided about accepting salary increase for Parliamentarians.

At a press conference at Freedom House this morning, General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee avoided answering the question, even though he condemned the government for implementing such increases.

The first PPP Parliamentarian to reject the salary increase, which moved from $2M annually to $2.4M, was Charles Ramson Jr, who stated, “I certainly won’t be accepting any salary increase. Any increase has to be earned and it has to be premised on a commensurate increase of the salaries for other public servants and the economic conditions of the country.”

The Opposition Leader promises to hold a press conference soon to address the issue of salary increases for government Ministers and other officials.



  1. It seems that the PPP party has had its fill when it was the government,there is no need to accept any raise in pay at this time,or is it because they are ashamed of accepting,because of the criticisms they made of the present government,it would appear as though they are hypocrites,but they are HYPOCRITES ANYWAY.

  2. Dr. Jagdeo please continue to be that strong leader that you are. You have what it takes to run this country affairs accordingly. Unfortunately there is a bunch of egostistical men who are in Government that does not have the people’s interest at heart. They only want to full their pockets.

  3. Jagdeo clears the air: Opposition Parliamentarians will not accept salary increase.
    Its about time PPP talk with one voice.
    Rohee love watching and hearing himself in the press.
    Jagdeo must water cannon Rohee now.


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