PPP Parliamentarian says he will not accept salary increase


Charles Ramson Jr. [iNews' Photo]
Charles Ramson Jr. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsuyana.com] – Newly minted PPP Parliamentarian, Charles Ramson Jr has made it abundantly clear that he will not accept the salary increase for Parliamentarians as proposed by the APNU+AFC government.

While the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is still deciding whether it will accept or reject the increase, Ramson Jr made his position publicly known on Monday, October 19 on his Facebook Page.

He is the first PPP Parliamentarian to categorically state that he will reject the increase which moved from $2M annually to $2.4M.

“I certainly won’t be accepting any salary increase. Any increase has to be earned and it has to be premised on a commensurate increase of the salaries for other public servants and the economic conditions of the country,” the young Parliamentarian wrote.

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee avoided answering the question on Monday, October 19, 2015 during a press conference at Freedom House, while at the same time condemning the government for such increases.

He noted that the salary hike is a “parliamentary issue” and that it will be dealt with there. Rohee could not say definitively if the PPP Parliamentarians will accept or reject the increased salary.



  1. If the biggest thieves under the pnc administration for 28 years haven’t gone to jail and their was enough proof to send them to jail back then. Why would you believe the PPP parliamentarians where there are only unsubstantiated claims of corruption against them spend time in any jail? The only thing coming out of the Gringer camp is blah blah they only opening their mouth and making noise But nothing of substance coming out. Let them enjoy their tenure in office very soon we heading back to the polls.

  2. PPP Parliamentarian says he will not accept salary increase,
    If any PPPC member accept this bribe then they are playing a bigger part of this rigged election where the US installed PNC.
    PPPC already accepted the election results by attending parliament.
    PPPC accept responsibility from the time the Linden COI said it was pay for 3 deaths.

  3. Totally agree with you Valesh Gomanie. PPP members are targeted under this Defacto Government. Granger continues with his desperate search to inprison these ex Ministers. A waste of tax payers money hence they (Granger & Team) have full their pockets. A 50% pay hike for doing absolutely nothing deserves inprisonment

  4. You are a CHAMP,,,I hope they choose they boy friends and lady friends, ? Will they be in general population or special cells, I know lots of the cockroaches will stop blogging,

  5. Way to go Mr. Ramson. I do hope enough is done to make sure this does not happen there are so many others that can do with a raise in their earnings.

  6. Way to go Valesha!! The PPP did a lot for the country hence the reason why more than half of the PPP parliamentarians may end up in jail. Isn`t life a bitch!!!

  7. Way to go! These clowns do not deserve a Salary Increase. They have done nothing for the country this far. The dollar value is sliding, the economy is going backwards, the crime rate has sky rocketed. What good did they do to deserve a raise? PPP better be careful with this PNC regime….they are not concerned about the public, they are not concerned about the economy. If you look carefully what Granger LED administration has done so far since taking office is to try hard to sink Bharart and all the PPP ministers….even if they have to stoop low to frame them, assassinate them which will allow election rigging in the future….they might take these desperate steps similar to what Burhnam/Hoyte/Green did to hang on to power…..


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