Islamic Body says it did not endorse APNU+AFC

APNU+AFC Officials meet with Leaders of the Muslim Community. [Kojo McPherson Photo]

APNU+AFC Officials meet with Leaders of the Muslim Community. [Kojo McPherson Photo]
APNU+AFC Officials meet with Leaders of the Muslim Community. [Kojo McPherson Photo]
[] – The Anna Catherina Islamic Complex (ACIC) is refuting reports by the APNU+AFC coalition that it has been blessed with their endorsement.

The ACIC in a statement issued on Friday, April 24 made it clear that it has not endorsed any political party contesting the May 11 general and regional elections.

This is in total contrast to a press release issued by the APNU+AFC coalition on Thursday, April 23 which stated that the ACIC met with leaders of the coalition and gave their endorsement.

“During the meeting, the Muslim leaders signaled their endorsement of the APNU+AFC coalition. The Islamic leaders stated that it was time to put an end to the moral decay of society and for the development of Guyana to have a human face.

“In endorsing the APNU+AFC, the Muslim leaders noted that Guyana needed a fresh start, and that people were placing great expectation in the APNU+AFC. Some of the issues raised included rampant crime, corruption, governance and the moral decay of the society,” the APNU+AFC press release had stated.”

However, the ACIC now claims that the coalition misinterpreted the meeting.

“It is unfortunate to note that a meeting with APNU+AFC & Leaders of ACIC and the wider Muslim community, has been interpreted and a release circulated locally and internationally, as the ACIC’s endorsement for APNU+AFC,” the statement, which was signed by President General of the ACIC Hakeem Khan, noted.

It further stated that the ACIC is Guyana’s leading Islamic Center and a center of spirituality, education, peace, universal goodwill and harmony and it is not a political institution “and hence, will work and support the elected government of Guyana, irrespective from which party or parties form the government and we will respect the honorable members of the opposition of the day. It has always enjoyed the blessings and support of the Government, and indeed, that of the Opposition, and all other religious, civic and non-governmental groups of the nation.”

According to ACIC, its local and international partners, many of whom fund their projects are dismayed at the supposition of an endorsement of a political party.

“Visiting the Opposition H/Q was an act of courtesy to communicate and seek the policies of the political party, and was never meant to give political endorsement to the party. This we are certain was recognized but we are uncertain as to how the miscommunication was issued.”

The Islamic body said it had a similar meeting with Prime Ministerial Candidate of the PPP/C, Elisabeth Harper last week.



  1. ppp had 22 plus years to change things why keep talking about burnham the youth don’t know him. Guyana is in a sad state

  2. Kwasi, When I was a boy I used to sing a song with some of these words. “Kwasi sara kaka lali afraicaa O africa” I say that to tell you that I have been around for a long time and I know a lot, but young people of today don’t know much of our history. You see the PNC has been peddling plenty lies so we must help to educate them and thank you for Googling those site. Please also Google:
    “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams Tape” and
    “Then Top Cop Winston Felix and PNC official discuss planting drugs on PNC female”

  3. The PPP track record speaks for itself. They brought guyana out of the doldrums. It’s not their fault that the PNC only had negative social and economic impact on Guyana. People can easily write the negatives and find it harder to write the truth and the good done. It’s also no fault that the PPP has a track record of success. So it’s not surprise that Google will only identify the negative about guyana and pair it with your PNC!!!

  4. James don’t u find it strange that when u google anything about guyana past u could never see noting that the ppp did who u think post what u see about burnam

  5. Wow you’ll ppp supporters got shallow memory. isn’t the same thing happened with the ppp and the rasta

  6. Its 2015 and these peepeepee fools gone back in time, they even copy if not all most of the pnc dirty ways. All the things they cry about the ppp are guilty of, the track record of these ppl is shameful. CRIME,DRUGS,MURDER, they own ppl taking they life, and what they doing , crying 1973 and Burnhan, its going to be over in days, they will be on the streets doing what they know best CRIME,,shan hinds will lead them

  7. To use and manipulate persons is one thing! But to do so with the cunning and improper way that these CRAPNU and AFC charlatans are doing is quite distasteful! A man finds solace in his relgion and these nincompoops once again show casing their politicial immaturity and lack of experience have painted a true picture of the type of characters that exists in both those parties! They should make a public apology to the Muslim community and be made to retract their statements publicly as well. On May 11th the choice is even clearer, vote PPP!

  8. In a previous report by other news outlets including inewsguyana, it was headline news;” Muslim Community Endorses APNU+ACF”. I questioned whether these ”Muslim Community Leaders” consulted with their members before making such endorsement. This is reminiscent of the past when those so called Muslim Community Leaders lie in bed with the PNC. It is now clear as day that the Opposition, hoping to gain political mileage by blatantly lied. How could the electorate trust these unscrupulous, treacherous, power hungry miscreants?
    What a pack of barefaced LIARS!!!!

  9. I condemn you PNC/AFC on your deceit and wickedness! To the PNC I say repent and turn away from evil ways! Repent PNC, Repent! Confess and apologise!
    Your Sins have found you out.
    PNC need to stop tell lies! Lies is of the devil! Remember Satan is the father of lies. Therefore PNC and AFC are the children of the devil.
    PNC has proven to be bad, and up to no good!

  10. APNU+AFC camp painers are the pain in the neck.
    On FACEBOOK , a habitual PNC liar SAID that (PPP/C supporters) voters of CANJE are uneducated.
    He went further to say ‘just spit in their ears’ and they will believe!

  11. Told u all along. …liar liar pants on fire. ..only this time they actually got caught red handed. How can a pig and a monkey be trusted? Lmfao!!! Look they so desperate they went to the Muslims to beg for votes and because they got turned down they decided to lie.

  12. It is important and necessary for religious bodies to have discussions with all political parties prior to elections. These discussions should be centered around getting a commitment for a violence free election.

    If this was the case with the ACIC then congratulations to them.

  13. Desperation and hunger for power at any/all cost is so evident! PNC and AFC are willing to lower themselves to even hell to destroy all that Guyanese are enjoying at the hands of the Progressive PPP.
    Condemnation of PNC AND AFC wickedness are in order! Liars!!!! Liiiiaaaaars!!!!
    PNC are LIARS!!! They are planning to rig, to riiiig! TO RIG!!!
    Please Google: “Mr. Burnham does it again: A look at how PNC rigged 1973 Elections in Guyana”
    PNC must not be trusted! Vote PPP! Vote Continuous Development & Prosperity!


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