Investors in Marriott are not being kept secret – PSC Chairman


By Kurt Campbell

Chairman of the PSC, Ronald Webster.
Chairman of the PSC, Ronald Webster.

[] – President of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) Ronald Webster has assured that the names of his members investing in the Marriott Hotel here will be released in due course.

During an interview with iNews, Webster said he suspects that a vetting process is underway, which once complete the names of the investors will be made public.

He dispelled rumors suggesting that there is intent on the PSC’s part to keep the investment a secret. Webster was at the time responding to the demands, particularly those of Opposition Member of Parliament Joseph Harmon calling for the body to release the names of the investors.

“I reject any attempt, especially from the PSC to muzzle me in this regard… the nation wants to be advised who are the PSC members that have invested in the project” Harmon told iNews on Wednesday, adding that “APNU see the PSC having an important role to play but when it comes to the people’s money but it is my duty to speak out on the matter.”

Harmon was at the time responding to a letter written by the PSC which was sent to the Leader of the Opposition David Granger noting its concern and profound dissatisfaction at statements made by him.

APNU's Executive Member, Joseph Harmon.
APNU’s Executive Member, Joseph Harmon.

The PSC in the letter signed by its President said it was particularly concerned with the part of Harmon’s statement that said: “banks are now put on notice that the APNU consider this project as lacking economic justification, without Parliamentary approval and as presently configured not in the best interest of Guyanese” and “as such we, as representatives of the people of Guyana, would find difficulty honoring any commitment made by Atlantic Hotel Inc., NICIL, or the Government of Guyana in this regard.”

As such, Webster reiterated this concern; he believes the statement is in essence saying that the project will not be supported if there is a change in Government. “This creates an image of unreliability, we have to keep the momentum going or else jobs will be lost and the economy will eventually slow down” the PSC President added.

There has been lots of controversy in the media, between the Government and Opposition, the Private Sector and the wider Guyanese public over the details of the construction of the Marriott Hotel here.



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