GDF finds what could be missing ammo – Army Chief

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By Kurt Campbell

Chief of the Staff of the GDF, Mark Phillips.
Chief of the Staff of the GDF, Mark Phillips.

[] – The Guyana Defense Force (GDF) has found what could be the ten 7.62 x 39mm rounds of ammunition that went missing from the Guard Room of the Colonel John Clarke Military School at Tacama, Upper Berbice River.

This was confirmed earlier this evening, Thursday October 24 by GDF’s Chief of Staff Brigadier Mark Phillips.

“Tacama is still under investigation, we have found ten rounds but the investigation continues because we still have to ascertain if the ten rounds that were found are the ten rounds that went missing” he said.

The Army Chief said no one has been arrested or is under close arrest in connection with the find. He informed that the ranks at the school are not being allowed to leave pending the investigation. He noted however, the cooperation between the ranks and the investigating team.

The GDF established a separate Board of Inquiry to report on any breaches of the Standing Operating Procedures for the handling and accounting for ammunition at that training location.

According to Phillips, there are two courses currently on the base comprising of officers of all ranks.

He assured that the ongoing investigations will go on for as long as it is necessary to really determine what led to the ammunition going missing.



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