Investigation launched into Royston King signing off $36M in tax waivers

Royston King


Royston King
Royston King

[] – The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development has launched an investigation into the allegations that Public Relations Officer of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC), Royston King signed off on the exemption of payment of rates and taxes for Beacon Foundation in excess of $36M.

Subject Minister, Norman Whittaker said that the Ministry has written to the Auditor General’s Office and the Commissioner of Police to have the issue investigated. The Minister said that due to the present scenario at the Mayor and City Council, the Auditor General has been unable to access the records, thus far.

He said however, that the Ministry through its own investigations has determined that the letter to which King affixed his signature holding out himself as town clerk is genuine.

“That’s his signature,” the Minister said.

He said that he is also aware that there are no records at the level of the Ministry of the then Minister ever approving of King to act as a Town Clerk, and therefore the ministry remains in the dark about the source of King’s authority.

King is purported to have given all assurance in a letter to the Chairman of Beacon Foundation, Patrick de Groot, that in keeping with the Municipal and District Councils Act, Chapter 28:01, section 212, Beacon Foundation had met the requirements to be granted waiver of rates in excess of $36M.

[Extracted and Modified from GINA]



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