Int’l Group Investment Inc., another Guyanese firm, wins bids for 2 oil blocks

IGI Inc. Guyana is led the through Directorship of Guyanese Citizens Dr. Levi Wilson Odoe who by profession is a Lawyer and International Arbitrator; and Mrs. Esther Allison Odoe, Director and Legal Advisor, was educated in Law at Nottingham Law School, UK; holds an LLB Hons Degree

International Group Investment Inc. (IGI) is a 100% Guyanese owned and operated company which recently won bids for two blocks in the shallow waters (S5 and S10) in the concluded Guyana Licensing Round 2022.

IGI Inc. Guyana is led the through Directorship of Guyanese Citizens Dr. Levi Wilson Odoe who by profession is a Lawyer and International Arbitrator; and Mrs. Esther Allison Odoe, Director and Legal Advisor, was educated in Law at Nottingham Law School, UK; holds an LLB Hons Degree.

IGI Inc. prides itself on being a leading force in the construction, education, agriculture, and the Oil and Gas industries. With a legacy of excellence spanning ten years internationally, its commitment to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction remains unwavering.

In the construction sector, it has earned a reputation for transforming dreams into reality, whether it’s creating stunning residential spaces, innovative commercial developments, or vital road infrastructure. Its expertise and dedication shine through in every project, reflecting its core values of integrity, excellence, and safety. In addition to its construction endeavors, it is actively engaged in the dynamic world of Oil and Gas.

IGI Inc. understand the vital role this industry plays in powering economies and improving lives. Its exploration, production, refining, and distribution services are all geared towards delivering reliable energy solutions while prioritising sustainability and environmental stewardship.

At IGI Inc., its client-centric approach is the cornerstone of its operations. It collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique visions and requirements, ensuring that every project undertaken, whether in construction or the Oil and Gas sector, is tailored to meet specific goals and objectives.

It has, in complying with Guyana’s Local Content Policy identified four working pillars that will ensure its objectives are met upon commencement of operations in blocks S5 and S10;

These pillars include;

  • Employment Opportunities

IGI Inc. encourages local capacity building through close cooperation with local communities, including business interests, as well as developing the enterprise’s activities in the domestic market consistent with the need for sound commercial practice guided by Guyana’s Local Content Policy; we encourage human capital formation, in particular by creating employment opportunities and facilitating training opportunities for employees. Greater preference of employment will be immediately granted to Guyanese favourable to more than 70%, and where lacking consideration of outsourcing will be given. To ensure that the standards of delivery and performance is maintained, constant capacity building through training will be moduled and executed which further will be measured through quality assurance checks

  • Supply Chain

Recognizing and appreciating the intent to build capacity among local micro and macro businesses, IGI Inc. intends to work closely with the already established Guyana Centre for Local Business Development to assist in the sourcing of suitable local contractors which will aid in transportation, maintenance, security, procurement etc. IGI Inc. business model envisages that it can achieve its economic, environmental and social goals through managerial decisions and actions that facilitate strategic and transparent integration of key business processes cooperation among participants in supply chain. It believes that by giving local suppliers the opportunity to deliver, their standards of service will be significantly improved. First preference will always be given to Guyanese suppliers

  • Societal Development

While IGI Inc. continues to develop blocks, it has not lost sight of its commitment to play its role as an enlightened corporate institute. Corporate Social Responsibility will always be on its agenda. Further pursuant to the Ministry of Natural Resources Corporate Social Responsibility Framework 2017- 2020 which gives guidance on how companies, particularly those in the extractive industries sector, can make a tangible contribution to the development of all Guyanese; IGI Inc. will be guided but as a company has already identified areas of interest which it believes can make contributions immensely such as; water and food security, rural health care, education etc.

  • Environmental Sustainability

IGI Inc. being a reputable company understands the importance of environmental suitability and the need for minimal carbon footprint will liaise with the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure best practices are enforced at all times. IGI Inc. commits to;

  • Ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance, protection of flora & fauna, animal welfare, agroforestry, conservation of natural resources & maintaining quality of soil, air & water;
  • Contribution towards Natural Disaster Mitigation and for such other purposes and activities as may be permitted, from time to time.
  • Give support to Non-Governmental Organisations that focuses on environment conservation and ecosystem preservation

Director Dr. Odoe, commends the Government of Guyana immensely for creating such enabling business environment and opportunities for investments that is attracting the global business community. We look forward to a successful working partnership.