Indian Soap Stars allegedly sabotaged promoters, demanded money to meet Gov’t officials

Christina Persaud and her business partner. [iNews' Photo]

By Leroy Smith

Christina Persaud and her business partner. [iNews' Photo]
Christina Persaud and her business partner. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Christina Persaud, the American businesswoman who invested millions of dollars into the hosting of the “Bollywood Live with Stars Concerts” is contending that she was forced to cancel the Berbice leg of the show because the Indian Soap Stars and their associates who travelled to Guyana became greedy.

Speaking with the iNews ( before leaving the country on Tuesday (March 25), Persaud said that had she continued with the Berbice leg of the show, she would have been in serious financial problem. The soap stars who came for the concert include Arjun and Purvi.

The woman explained that from the inception the approach of the stars were very unprofessional and left much to be desired. She said that the manner in which they behaved would cause any fan to turn their backs on them since they showed their “true colours.”

Ms. Persaud said that the claims as carried in one section of the media that the artistes were not paid “is a fat lie.” She admitted that they were not paid for the Berbice show and that is because the Berbice show was cancelled.

Arjun and Purvi during their performance in Guyana. [Photo extracted from Guyana Times]
Arjun and Purvi during their performance in Guyana. [Photo extracted from Guyana Times]
The promoter explained that she sent to US$30,000 to India before the team arrived in Guyana. According to her, since in India the artistes agreed that they will US$1,800 for each show and that amount was paid to them before they performed at the first show at Tushen, East Bank Essequibo.

Persaud explained that when it came to the show at the Providence National Stadium the artistes allowed their greed and unreasonable attitudes to get the better of them.

The promoter is now alleging that the stars saw the massive crowd at the Stadium from their hotel room (Princess Hotel) and demanded that they be paid more money.

Persaud said she refused and then the entire night became chaotic for her as the organizers and the artistes began to operate outside of the agreed plan of action for the night’s activities.

She said the stars ordered several meals from the hotel without utilizing it. Persaud talked about food having to be dumped after being ordered by the stars.

According to her, the lavish and unreasonable expenses were left for her to deal with, as she further accused the stars of bullying her into paying for their spas and other treatments at the hotel.

iNews ( was also told that the stars sought to seek monies for every single engagement they were asked to be part of including a press conference and meetings with senior government officials including Guyana’s Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali.

The woman expressed her deepest regrets to the people in Berbice and those who were inconvenienced as a result of the cancellation of the show. She assured that she is no fraud and what transpired was just a “simple case of miscommunication and sabotage by a group of egotistic individuals who portray themselves as professionals on television but really care about no one else but themselves and fleecing persons they do business with.”



  1. I have on question….Christine had earlier accepted that the stars were not fully paid and she explained it away as being robbed. i dont doubt she was, there were so many ppl operating between them and the stars and (promoters helping hands)….but back to christine, she said they made “so much money and she dont know where it all went”…according to her she was ROBBED….so where she getting this excuse from… but screw them, my grouse is the bad image painted ….we have had bugger artistes with no prob, part of the arrangements is YES YOU take care of them while they are here. check with the credible promoters, like dharmic which brought so many and with whom music maestro SONU NIGAM is returning this year….

  2. go research about the news and write christine is a bitch and she ditched all there blackmailing the stars etc

  3. full of lie inewsguyana lol how much money u ppl got from them to write this shitt tht christene is fraud

  4. LMAO THIS WOMAN IS A JOKE lie all ya want, your fellow yankees know exactly how you are. even resorts world casino here in NY had NO idea at all how the tickets work and tried hard to get in touch with organizers.

  5. all shenanigans, sent usd 30,000 and then performers agreed to fly from india to guyana for a measly usd 1,800 per show.

    the man selling sugarcakes and pera by the roadside near the venue will make more money.

    somebody will go to jail and before that time comes we might very well read about some fisticuffs and punch-outs !


  6. Christine Persaud is going to paint a picture as though she is innocent. Anyone on Queens that know her knows HER “true colours!” Lol

  7. Inews Guyana should have atleast checked the wronged and grieving parties before posting such fallacies! Rithvik, Asha, Suhasi, local emcee Joel, singers, local artistes, security – NOBODY was paid their entire dues and Christine is blaming stars room service? For which she said ‘I think I was robbed or something’? You’ll do well to read this article and see the sort of problem she has put the artistes in, and how she blackmailed them into deleting their protest tweets with threats
    I’m so disappointed with Christine, but more so with I News team for putting up baseless fabricated bull spread by Christine without even double checking the story for another side!

  8. You are trying to defame hardworking actors who performed without even being paid their dues.
    iNewsGuyana should do proper research before spreading false news.

  9. Christina and Popo entertainment are criminals who didnt pay the actors, singers, dancers, security nor the host of their Concert. The actors are well respected individuals who have been performing many shows abroad without any hassel. These promoters should be put behind bars.

    Kindly refer to this link for correct news


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