IDB funded Sustainable Urban Transport Study to tackle traffic congestion- M&CC


trafficWith Georgetown being perpetually plagued with traffic congestion issues, the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) met with consultants from Brazil and officers from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure to address the urban transportation problem in Georgetown.

The concerns were raised yesterday, during the M&CC’s Statutory Meeting where Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan was acting in the capacity of the Mayor.

The project, identified as the Sustainable Urban Transport Study, was developed by the Government of Guyana via financing received from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) under the Road Network Upgrade and Expansion Program, LO-2741/BL-GY loan from the IDB.

The Council yesterday heard that the main objective of the project is to conduct a comprehensive urban study which is aimed at improving mobility in and around the city.

The month long study should provide specific recommendations and policy options to allocate road space more efficiently among users and increase the use of cleaner and sustainable transportation methods such as public transportation and non-motorised modes, in addition to recommending provisions for separate lanes in Georgetown to facilitate all road users.

The study is intended to develop a diagnosis of the urban transport situation, problems and trends, while providing suggestions to better the matters of public transport infrastructure operations, financing and institutional organizations.

Duncan stated that there is need to urgently address the matter of congestion and monitor the manner in which traffic flows, by redirecting it to other economic hubs other than the Stabroek Market.

Another method that the M&CC will implement to control the traffic in the City is to charge commuters for parking, via parking meters.

This controversial initiative is expected to begin in December and be partly, completed by Christmas, according to the Town Clerk of Georgetown recently.



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