Labourer allegedly ‘broad-sided’ to death with cutlass by friend


A 28-year-old fisherman of Number 60 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, is assisting Police with the investigation in the death of his friend, 25-year-old Ravi Kumar Sharma, a labourer of the said Village, whose body was found in his yard about 06:00 hrs this morning, with multiple lacerations about the body.

Investigations have so far revealed that the deceased who was residing with his mother, and was said to be an alcoholic, last evening went home intoxicated and ordered his mother to vacate the home, which she did.

She reportedly returned this morning and discovered his lifeless body in their yard.

According to the Police, the suspect alleged that he went to Sharma’s house last night and later they had an exchange of words which escalated into a heated argument, during which he was allegedly struck to his head and in retaliation he picked up a cutlass and severely broad-sided his now dead colleague.

Ravi Kumar Sharma was taken to the Skeldon Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival and is presently at the hospital’s mortuary, as investigation into his murder continues.



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