IAC recalls Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy on birth anniversary


[www.inewsguyana.com]The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) says that the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi “cannot be defined by a single act or idea in the way that most great personalities throughout history have left their mark through specific works of art, inventions, philosophies or battles.”

In a statement to mark Gandhi’s birth anniversary today (October 2), the national Indian cultural body observed: “What distinguished Gandhi, who stated that action is my domain never failed to put theory into practice and throughout his life, his words were authenticated by the consistency between thought and deed.

His intention was to inspire people by the example of his own actions. When he confronted the horrific plight of untouchables in Indian Society, he broke traditions that had existed for thousands of years by doing the work himself that had always been reserved for dalits (low type duties).”

The Indian Arrival Committee, in its statement also called upon all Guyanese “to remember the life and works of Mahatma Gandhi, especially his teachings of the use of Non-Violent behaviour to solve difficult problems.”



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