One die in Linden accident


[] – An accident along the One Mile Public Road, Wismar, Linden, involving a motorcycle and two pedestrians has claimed the life of a Lindener.

Dead is Neberne Charles, age 33, of Lot 11 Amelia’s Ward, Linden. According to the Police, investigations have revealed that at about 20:45hrs on October 01, 22 – year- old Revon Austin of 466 Canvas City, Wismar, Linden, was riding motorcycle CG 6271 at a fast rate on the One Mile Public Road.

Investigations further indicate that he tried evading a dog that attacked him and collided with the pedestrians Neberne Charles, and 13 – year – old Henry Belgraveof 337 One Mile Wismar, Linden.

Revon Austin, Neberne Charles and Henry Belgrave all received injuries and were taken to the Mackenzie Hospital where Neberne Charles succumbed at 05:30hrs on Wednesday October 3.

Revon Austin and Henry Belgrave are hospitalized. Charges will be laid shortly.



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