IAC proposes independent review of GECOM

Keith Lowenfield, Chief Election Officer and Chairman of GECOM, Dr Steve Surujbally
Keith Lowenfield, Chief Election Officer and Chairman of GECOM, Dr Steve Surujbally
Keith Lowenfield, Chief Election Officer and Chairman of GECOM, Dr Steve Surujbally

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Indian Action Committee (IAC) says it has noted with “grave concern the recent public statements regarding what has been described as ‘ethnic employment’ at the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).”

The Body in a statement issued on November 23 made reference to the People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) position on the issue, pointing out that ethnicity must not be a factor to bring into any form of disrepute the execution of assigned duties by Guyanese.

“The IAC believes that in a multiethnic society like Guyana, for an organization to derive a sense of confidence based upon the employment of a particular and preferred ethnic group, is counterproductive to the efforts of unification and the country’s national motto. The IAC deems the utterances as most unfortunate,” the statement noted.

According to the IAC, while the Party has a right to be concerned over issues, including those relating to GECOM, it urges cognizance of the sensitivities of ethnic-related aspersions and the precipitating challenges it pose to national cohesion.

“The IAC is of the view that the Party’s concern should not be dismissed. In this regard it proposes an external independent review of GECOM which should be conducted to ascertain the validity of the Party’s claims of preferred and disadvantageous ethnic employment against it.”

The IAC believes that if such an endeavor is professionally undertaken, it would aid in the allaying of fear with respect to the Party’s concern and could vindicate GECOM’s position.

“With regards to the latter, it would reinforce that Guyanese, regardless of their ethnicity, could deliver their duties professionally and without favour or ill will.

“Given what appeared in the public domain regarding the issue in question, the IAC believes it further underscores the need for the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) to be immediately established. The IAC reiterates its necessity and believes it is integral to meaningful interventions for the mitigation of such sensitive issues and to prevent any related escalation.”




  1. You sound like a complete idiot Pedro. The IAC have a right to call for an independent review of GECOM. Over 50% of the population do not trust GECOM integrity. It is a known fact that the 2015 elections were rigged which facilitated this coalition win.

  2. IAC, showing their version of concern, over ethnicity.For over22 years, and five general elections, that tha PooPyParty won, not even a peep was raised by them or by IAC.No but the sixth , that the PooPyParty lost, they and the IAC cry, ethnicity in GECOM. Hmmmm! Wonder why? Losing really sucks! IAC, since all Guyanese who were not born here, except our indigenous bretheren, had to arrive here, it would be much more inclusive and supportive of Guyana’s, multi ethenic population, if you called yourselves, Guyanese Arrival Committee, and also celebrated, the arrival in Guyana, of the other ethinic Guyanese.No, well I can understand why!


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