“I will resign when I please” – Dr Surujbally unmoved by resignation calls

steveDr. Steve Surujbally.

By Jomo Paul

Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.
Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Dr Steve Surujbally is unfettered by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) call for him to resign as the head of the elections commission.

The PPP/C fresh off an election defeat by less than 5,000 votes at the May 11 General Election, pointed out several perceived inefficiencies at the elections commission.

The Party in a press statement on Monday evening (May 18) expressed that it no longer has confidence in Dr Surujbally, who has been Chairman of the elections Body for approximately 10 years.

“Our positions remain the same today in the face of the refusal of GECOM to conduct the recount of a close-finish race; the PPP/C considers the APNU-AFC government as de facto coming in on fraudulent elections.These events, not surprising, have contributed to the loss of confidence in the GECOM machinery and more particularly its Chairman, Dr. Surujbally. The PPP/C calls for the immediate resignation of Dr. Surujbally as Chairman,” the statement said.

However, when contacted by iNews on Tuesday, May 19, the Chairman made it clear that he was not going to vacate his post.

Former President, Donald Ramotar.  [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Donald Ramotar. [iNews’ Photo]
He pointed out that he is a septuagenarian, hinting that he has passed the retirement age and that he was previously asked to retain his position at GECOM.

“I am a septuagenarian…I will not resign…I will resign when it pleases me,” said Dr Surujbally.

According to the GECOM Chairman, “Why they didn’t call for Gocool [Bodhoo – Former CEO of GECOM] to resign when he gave them 33 seats instead of 32,” said a seemingly unfettered Surujbally.



  1. Delivery of an electoral mandate is aspirational demands of the populace, and not the will of any party.

  2. wow! Steve well done, you sell the entire country with all of us in it for how much?

  3. Mr. Surujballi never signed, nor would he ever sign a secret contract with the PPP/C to “help” them out with a “lil” rigging in thier favour! Mr.Surujballi is from the OLD school of honesty and super-accuracy. He was washed clean by the “canals!” So, your grinding and gnashing of your collective teeth will only cause you people more anguish and pain! What a bitter pill to swallow, eh? We have been swallowing THAT for many moons now! Your lamentations and accusations are nothing new. You had vented your spleen in 1964, also, No? Remember Duncan Sandys? But, include Dr. Surujballi OUT! He is way a head of your game. Swallow your pill. wallow in defeat!
    “Cheated not defeated” , will forever remain your mantra. Also, all your protestations only reveal your true selves, your character. Now SHADDUP!

  4. Well if he is, it backfired. Isn’t it. Who has the last laugh.!!!!. He so right to tell them bout the thief (bodhoo) they had there before. I guess they forgotten bout him. Lol. It pleases my heart when he said that. I’m sure he’s fed up with u ppp/c idiots barking while no one listens.

  5. Perception vs Conception by Graspmathologist Dr. R. Yates.

    Enough iz Enuff!

    The PPP is speaking alone. Why we are not earing from the Civic Party. The Civic Party, was it a Ghost part for the PPP?

    I have never met a people like the PPP part members complain so often. Ramotar, Jagdeo, Rohee and others do remind me of the Fox and the sweet Guyanese grapes. When the fox tried so many ways to get the grapes, and couldn’t, it complained.

    They still have not learned Graspmatyx.

  6. thats their nature, in 2011 they blame their supports for not coming out and vote and in 2015 their blaming GECOM, US, Canada, British, EU and the black pudding lady i think its time they move forward, regroup not be sore loosers

  7. PPP/C PLEASE MOME ON . What goes around comes around your government was all scamps. So you all got what you deserve if you think GECOM. Did any wrong doing, because your government was defeat on May 11th. You all had confidence for the pass ten year in Dr Steve Surujbally, what now the people had spoken , it all comes down to the facts your minister are all thives fulling their pocket. Where did they got all the asset from a minister salary. Guyanese are not living in a fools world anymore. You all should get a life and move on before the new government lock you all up and through the key away. Last but not least. PPP/C I don’t think you all have a chance of winning another election, your party don’t have honest people to run for election. You all didn’t do the right thing from the last election. You All win by a narrow margin last election, so that tell you all should have stepped up .

  8. Good for you! You’re no longer under their dictatorship……as a matter of fact, “Their ship has sailed.” Just be on your guard, their current behavior clearly shows that the PPP, cannot be trusted.

  9. Ramoutar, through all the practices of corruption, intimidation and thievery of Jagdeo, Irfaan Ali, Anil Nandalall, Ramsammy, Rohee and others, did they resign when called upon by the opposition?
    Even though Surujbally is a grumpy old man, he has acted as directed by the will of the people. It was not in PPP’s favour so “Surujbally must go”.
    The PPP believed and still believe that they own Guyana and Guyanese are their slaves.
    Wake up PPP. You had your chance. Its over. Just relax alyuh self and just pray that most your PPP cabal are not jailed shortly.

  10. The PPP is cursing the bridge that they cross! Why take your vengeance out on Mr Surujbally?

    They need to do some soul searching as to why they lose the 2015 election. Don’t blame someone else for your own folly .You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

  11. “Why they didn’t call for Gocool [Bodhoo – Former CEO of GECOM] to resign when he gave them 33 seats instead of 32,” said a seemingly unfettered Surujbally………..OUCH!

  12. Dr. Steve Surujbally, you did nothing wrong, but in the PPP/C’s disappointment of losing the recent election, they have to find an appropriate scapegoat to blame, it just happens to be you.

    That’s the behavior of sore losers. They never would respect the process and they would continue to nag at you until you leave the job. If they had won, everything would have been just fine and they would not have been after you, like they are doing now.


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