“I will not engage in stupidity” – Dr Van West Charles to PPP

Dr Richard Van West Charles.

By Jomo Paul

Dr Richard Van West Charles.
Dr Richard Van West Charles.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), Dr Richard Van West Charles says that he will not allow himself to be engaged in “stupidity” with People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary, Clement Rohee.

Rohee, at a press conference on November 30, said that Dr Van West Charles “is a Party hack associated with the disreputable and discredited PNC. Van West Charles lacks the qualifications and experience to address GWI’s distribution and porous water system due to leakage and theft; two deficiencies not dissimilar to GPL’s.”

Contacted by iNews on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 for a response, the CEO appeared unfazed by Rohee’s comments and began to reel out his qualifications for the post he now holds.

“My qualifications are known by everyone and sundry. I have undergraduate and post graduate qualifications. I have experience in the area of public health – water and sanitation,” said Dr Van West Charles.

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
The GWI CEO further noted that he will not be venturing into the pit with the politician.

“If Mr Rohee wants to continue this battle, I am not going to get into the pit with Mr Rohee. I have to do the people’s business and that is what I will continue to do. I am not going to engage myself with stupidity and ignorance. So Mr Rohee can continue to do what he wants,” Dr Van West Charles told iNews.

The PPP General Secretary had also accused the CEO of paying attention to areas in a “discriminatory” manner, but Dr Van West Charles says this is not the case.

“I don’t know if they are irritated that we are gaining in that we are doing. I have to address the needs of all the citizens of Guyana whether you belong to any political persuasion – my business is that you are a citizen of Guyana and my business is to ensure you have access to water.”

Dr Van West-Charles, a Former Health Minister, was announced as the new CEO for GWI on October 5, replacing former PPP Minister Shaik Baksh.



  1. “I will not engage in stupidity” – Dr Van West Charles to PPP
    Is the US big ones now training Burnam son in law to take power coz it look like Granger too wobbly at present. Granger bending while walking–Deeds?

  2. If my memory serves me correctly I think I remember when the young Clement Rohee was just a yard and car wash boy for Dr. Jagan. I can’t remember Rohee completing any high school. He should be the last person to question the doctor’s qualification.

  3. i seem to remember that Alexei Ramotar is the person who was in charge of the famous cable that the PPP Government ran from nowhere to nowhere, but cost the Guyanese taxpayer Billions. If i am not mistaken HE IS THE SON OF THE MOST RECENT XE PRESIDENT OF GUYANA*** oH!**** do you all know the gold board? his sister runs that and the new Government did not fire her along with a host of other PPP operatives who had questionable performances in the previous administration. No one can accuse Van West Charles of stealing, which is the calling card of most of the previous administration,s members

  4. Let us get real here Bozo.
    This water problem didn’t just appear from nowhere on May 11.
    What heck were Rohee and gang doing the past 23 years?

    Oh yea. I forgot. Busy filling their pocket and building their Prado 2 mansiobs😊

  5. Keep moving the country forward do not worry about the detractors. Guyanese want to see progress. We are tired of the stupidity it has gotten us nowhere so far.

  6. Van West Charles is trying to do what is expected of him, but in a dictatorial manner. He is actually forcing the workers to work shift system instead of making the process easier and ensuring the right procedures are taken by changing the flawed system they have from years back. times have changed and there is the need for upgraded systems and upgraded management. not just looking after the ‘peoples business’ alone. Do not trample workers rights, that is not prudent management.

  7. Van West let’s have water that we could drink and not this dirty water we are getting.So stop being stupid and give us drinkable water as early possible.

  8. Van West, we know your track record. You were a total failure under your father in law’s, Burnham’s government.

    Your response to people without water is to provide village stand pipes. Remarkable!

  9. Burhnam Son-in_law, Granger son in law, the APNU is full with corruption. By no means will these position be offered to the poor working educated people who best qualified for it. This is TOTAL dictatorship to INSTALL people in certain top positions instead of going through the qualified process to employ them. This is his exact statement from this article “I have undergraduate and post graduate qualifications.” Show the public your management qualification. We, the people of Guyana would like to know what management education you have and what skills you have related to this job you undertake – past engineering experience, etc? Let me GUESS – ZERO! Lets forget Rohee and the PPP and focus on what this Installed regime is CURRENTLY doing! The past is the past….the people want a FUTURE!


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