GT&T accuses Digicel of preventing customers from accessing Mobile Money Service


GT&T[] – The Public Utilities Commission, the regulatory Body for utility companies in Guyana, may soon have to step in to quell a eminent war between the ‘Bigger Better Network and the company that aims to ‘Do More’ – Digicel and GT&T, respectively.

On December 01, GT&T placed a full page advert in the daily papers, bashing Digicel for preventing its customers from accessing the very convenient Mobile Money Service that GT&T currently offers to all mobile phone users across the board.

“GTT notes with concerns what seems to be an action by Digicel Guyana to restrict its customers from accessing Mobile Money,” GT&T in its advertisement sated.

According to GT&T, it is their belief that customers have a right to choose their application and services. This was in direct response to the fact that GT&T has rolled out an app on Play Store for the MMG Service so that all mobile users can access the service and make their life easy.

When contacted on Tuesday, representatives of both phone companies said that they are working to have the issue addressed, with Digicel promising to issue a statement in response to the claims by GTT.

GT&T hopes that good sense would prevail and that Digicel will respect the rights of its customers to choose.

The Mobile Money is a service that is used mainly by customers of the Blue Network to pay bills and perform other monetary transactions without the actual use of cash.Digicel

The service was rolled out in 2014 and has been receiving tremendous responses from the members of the public including customers over at Digicel hence the decision by GT&T to make the service available to those customers.



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