“I Am US” Unity Play opens on Saturday


The unity stage-play “I Am Us”, presented by the Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC) will be held on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10 at the National Cultural Centre (NCC).

The Commission will also be declaring the venue a ‘Safe Space,’ symbolic of promoting continued tolerance and good relations among Guyanese, despite issues which may be considered contentious, being brought into the open and examined during the play.

Remarks made and situations presented during the play are intended to allow Guyanese to ponder their sense of purpose for a united Guyana.

“I Am Us”, which has a mixed cast of almost forty, inclusive of actors, dancers and musicians, represents the hurdles faced by two neighbouring families composed of the two major ethnic groups.

Members of both families display qualities of trust and togetherness in everyday life but suspicions and mistrust surface during an upcoming election. The play also has its share of typical Guyanese humour which the local audience would welcome.

Tickets for the one-of-a-kind play are sold out days after release due to an unexpected overwhelming response. A holdover performance is being considered, as well as taking the play to other regions of Guyana in the future.

The show was written in 2015 by Neaz Subhan but will now come to life. The cast include, Simone Dowding, Godfrey Naughton, Paul Budnah, Troy Parboo, Romel Edmondson, Ladonna Kissoon,  Yohance Koama and Gerald Gilkes.

Tickets to the event were absolutely free.



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