Premier Photo and Film Expo for this weekend


CineffX, Guyana’s first ever photography and filmography Expo will begin Friday night at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.

The expo was created to provide a platform for local photographers and filmmakers to showcase their talent to a wider audience while giving them the opportunity to learn from the very best in the industry.

It is also a means for professionals in the industry, like Brian Gomes, Saajid Husani and Yaphet Jackman to interact with enthusiasts and amateurs looking to develop a career in the field while at the same time branding Guyana as a destination for photography and film.

Young visionary and Executive Director of CineffX, Jason October who lobbied for the expo explained that when he jumped into the field of photography and cinematography, there were not many avenues for him to learn in Guyana.

As such, the expo is geared at providing an opportunity to boost the local film and photography industry.

Yaphet Jackman, a Technical Assistant at the New York Film Academy who is set to be one of the speakers at the symposium said that he will be sharing on the basis of independent film making with a concentration of cinematography.

According to Jackman, it time for Guyanese in the field to break some barriers and to demystify the entire film making process.

“This is all about being determined , I was privileged enough to leave Guyana to study and all of that stuff but for the people that are here, they have the opportunity now to meet one another and to practice and to learn, so my encouragement truthfully is for them to be determined” Jackman encouraged.

The event to be hosted from March 8-10 will also feature the launching of Couture Fashion House spearheaded by Oral Welshman which will see more than fifty models displaying designs from 10 favorite local Fashion Designers.


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