“I am a better choice to be President” – Granger says

Leader of the APNU, David Granger.

By Fareeza Haniff

Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger
Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger

[www.inewsguyana.com] – In the absence of a Presidential debate, Brigadier David Granger has made a pitch to the Guyanese electorate as to why he is best suited to lead the country for the next five years, as against that of incumbent President, Donald Ramotar.

The Presidential Candidate firstly pointed out that he is a better candidate simply because he agreed to have a debate with Ramotar.

“The first characteristic of a leader is his willingness to engage his constituents and I religiously practice that and from time to time,” Granger said.

But he expounded on several issues which he believes continue to affect Guyana and which he feels Ramotar is not capable of handling. As such, Granger’s first contention is the country’s security, as he noted that he has an experienced and qualified team to tackle the issue head on.

“I have been in the Diaspora, I’ve been in all ten regions of Guyana…and security is a major issue, people feel unsafe; people in the Diaspora don’t even want to come back home because they feel so unsafe.

“I believe that comparing Clement Rohee’s performance over the last nine years with what I am capable of doing; I am the better choice to be President to assure Guyanese that they will be safe in their homeland,” the former army man told reporters.

He believes that he has a “good idea” what needs to be done to protect residents in the hinterland from banditry and residents on the coastland from piracy, murders, domestic and other forms of violence.

“I am very confident that we will be able to make Guyanese people safe.”

The Presidential Candidate also dealt with the issue of educating the nation and improving the University of Guyana.

“Without reforming the current broken education system, we will not be able to deal with the problems of development in this country,” Granger said.

As it relates to the issue of jobs, Granger promised that an APNU+AFC government will ensure that people are gainfully employed.

“This government has no strategy to deal with jobs for young people. One of the biggest problems facing young people is jobs and we have a strategy for providing young people with jobs; giving them vocational education, creating technical and agriculture institutions in all the regions.”

According to the Presidential Candidate, he and his team have a “good appreciation” of what women and young people want in Guyana, and as such the APNU+AFC should be given a chance to lead the country forward.



  1. I am an Amerindian from that same region and have experienced what my Amerindian brothers are subject to on a daily basis. I have seen politics to its best in the region under the current Administration. Persons working for $38000 and $42000 being able to drive 7 million vehicles and have buses running on Mahdia road. Can you tell me where in Heaven’s name can thy get the money from. I have seen people in my community being treated unjustly all because they cannot be made to believe every uttering that comes out of their mouth. Vindictiveness to the highest by the regional officers. Salaries being deducted from persons fro no justifiable reasons, chalk and talk being carried out in the schools because of a lack of resources, only certain people getting contracts and the regional officials getting a drawback from them, officers going on so called field trips and campaigning and collecting subsistence, Educational Officer talking teachers off from educational workshops to attend political meetings, teachers coming out to further their studies and being pressured and denied certain privileges,patients not being referred in a timely manner and come out in time to die and I can go on…. Tell me what more I need to see to understand the politics of this country. When children complete secondary education they have no other option to sit in there and start a family or supply the country with marijuana as there are hardly opportunities opened to them. Its not that they want to get involved in these things but they don’t have a choice.
    If the education sector in the region is boosted, children from in there can be on par with the rest of the country when it comes to performance in National exams. I strongly believe that and nothing can change my mind. The PPP as a party may not be bad but the people who hold position, make people see things in a bad light. That’s the reason I will not support any political party because everyone in position is all about making money while the rest of the populace suffers.
    Maybe since you are from Orinduik, you can go back 38 years after, and see what development has taken place, Like you, everyone else has moved out. It may have been brighter in the days. The guest house is infested with bats and the lot. Maybe you can push for some development since it is a tourist attraction. I am from region 8. Born and grew up there and still living there. I know the times.

  2. As we vote tomorrow for the lesser or the two evil political party, bare in mind the PNC has ruled Guyana for 28 years with no progress , the incumbent PPP/C has been in power for over 23 years , even though the incumbent party has been exposed to more resources than its predecessor eg lotto funds, VAT tax and debt forgiveness, just to name a few Guyana has remain the only country in Caricom , next to Haiti competing strongly for top position on the HIPC (Highly indebted poor country) list , some people seems to get confused with individual development vs national development, Guyana under single party leadership has served to be divisive, and racial , which in turns stagnate Guyana national growth for over 50 + years, time for change , time to create a level playing field , where everyone will have a stake in Guyana development, unity government is Guyana only future , vote for Change , vote for unity .

  3. I am uncertain if you really understand the politics of this country. I am unsure of your claim of being an Amerindian however just for your information. I am also Amerindian from Orinduik and also Monkey Mountain. I lived in Georgetown for over 38 years and I can tell you this, what I have seen over the last 2 decades is a positive transformation of this country. The policies implemented by the PPPC administration has helped thousands of Guyanese people of all races. I will agree that development of the hinterland areas are stagnated however it must be reemphasized that the PPPC has over the years worked in harmony with our Amerindian brothers and sisters. However the opposition came and stalled any further progress by denying us the right to funding in the last budget. Today they are many Amerindians in the country who because of the policies of this government are able to secure jobs and become politicians etc. If you want to see continued growth and development of our hinterland then we must embrace the party who has given us that hope for hinterland development. That is and will always be the PPPC!

  4. For your information, I am not a supporter of any political party. All and I mean all power hungry politicians are the same. I would not even waste my time to vote for anybody. I spoke as an Amerindian because I know what my fellow Amerindian brothers and sisters have to endure. Its not something I hear like you folks out here. Its what I see on a daily basis. Every story has three sides and its only when we know the facts, can we jump to conclusion. Find out where Kaibarupai is and the distance to Paramakatoi, if you so know about politics and development. If you walk the distance, I guess you would know what I am talking about. Amerindian funds cut or not. Life remains the same for Amerindians. In this life is not who you know but who know you. I am one Amerindian no politician can buy with their cheap words.

  5. Once again a supporter of the opposition pens piffle! Was it not your CRAPNU amd AFC who took away the Amerindian funds in the budget? By the way the Garbage city was created by none other than your fellow PNC stalwart mr. Hamilton green. All the funds the government has given the mayor to clean up this city has been used for his trips to China and the PNC campaign. People really want to give PNC power again??? Look at the total disregard by the opposition members for our overseas observer guests! They have not apologized for the indecent and lawless behavior their supporters have carried out. Urintating on the PPPC flag and exposing their privates in front of young children and senior officers of the police force. Shame shame shame CRAPNU and AFC!

  6. “He believes that he has a “good idea” what needs to be done to protect residents in the hinterland from banditry and residents on the coastland from piracy, murders, domestic and other forms of violence”…..WHY DID U WAIT SO LONG, IF U HAD AN IDEA WHY DID U ALLOW ALL THOSE INNOCENT TO BE MASSACRE???….


  7. Well said …The PNC and all its leaders are bankrupt of ideas on how a country is run and all they can do is make a set of promises which will cost them the election because people are not stupid these days. If you believe it is time , I and thousands of Guyanese also believe so but you have to come up with something better than the PPPC which you failed to do.You need to come up with a sustainable plan to lead the country and not depend on the treasury. Your point man in Finance once leave it empty and thats the same guy you have again. It is simple Mr Granger if you spend more than you earn you will run bankrupt and that is your motto all through the campaign. You want to reduce your income and promise all the increases and cannot say where the money will come from…Your PNC had a fair chance in the Parliament when you got the one seat majority to vote for developments but you guys are the enemies to development. Now you want to use brute force and ignorance…It did not work years ago and it will not work now…

  8. The power hungry politicians is a menace to Guyana. Its only the people who do nothing and get big salaries would not see that. How many people who do nothing for the country get duty free vehicles and our teachers and nurses slave themselves out and get not even a thank you from the government, beside the meagre salary. Look at those people on Lombard Street in those little shacks, trying to even sell a pack of corn curls to make a living. And they are located at the entrance to the “Garden City”, what a shame on the government. All the money they spending on rallies, in preparation for election, should be taken to clothe the naked and feed the hungry on the streets. It is then and only then, we can say they really care about people. Other than that, they are only fighting for more power to abuse and oppress people. The amount of people living below the poverty line, especially in the interiors of Guyana. Those who are brilliant and can go a far way in life, the minute they make an attempt to get up, they are being pulled down. I am talking about Amerindian People in the interior. They are finding ways of making life harder for them, instead of trying to support them.Look they now want to repossess solar panels from people in Amerindian people, what a shame. Is not even their money that bought the panels. That’s the mentality of the people who want to run this country and claim they have the people’s interest at heart. They talk about ATVs being given to Amerindian communities. It is the government officials who ride them and the ordinary man has to foot it, walking for three days and more to take his child to school with a warishi on his back. “Its only he who feels it, knows it”. This is the reality. A day will come when the have to answer to the almighty for their actions. Nothing will be able to save them at that time. All their wealth will be thrown out into the streets, they would then realise that they had the wrong thing in focus at the time when they should have been doing good.

  9. Let us forget the 28 years. Let us forget the 3 years. Mr. Granger, please tell us why you are not able/ willing to control your supporters who are breaking up other people’s political meetings, peeing on their flags and stoning their speakers. “Promises are comfort for fools.”

  10. You cannot judge yourself Granger, you do not have a good background and nothing in the PNC has changed…

  11. PALLLEASSEEE!!!! Mr. Granger, we don’t care what you will do or what you want to do, we don’t want speeches of promises. We want you to tell us how you intend to do what you’re saying you’re going to do!!!! This government has practiced what it preaches and has delivered on numerous promises made to the nation. It is not enough for any consciously thinking individual to accept your shallow promises, we all know you want our votes. Time and again you have shown your lack of political knowledge and continue to do so. When will you be honest to this nation and tell us what happened with the missing army guns? When will you come clean and offer your knowledge in the murder of Dr. Rodney? When will you apologize to the Amerindians for blocking their funding? When will you tell this nation you are sorry for sabotaging the amaila falls project? When will you tell us that you deliberately did not pass the anti money laundering bill because part of your campaign funding is generated from known underworld bosses? GLKN!!! We will take our chances come May 11th and give the PPPC another aother 5 years to ensure that growth continues. Vote for the cup vote PPPC!!!


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