Box filled with guns, ammo found at City Wharf


By Leroy Smith

Some of the illegal items discovered by the ranks on Friday afternoon.
Some of the illegal items discovered by the ranks on Friday afternoon.

[] – The Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Revenue Authority Customs Officers are investigating the discovery a box of weapons at the Laparkan Wharf in Georgetown on Friday afternoon.

iNews has been reliably informed that the box, which was posted from the United States, was sent to 23 – year – old Jamal Murphy of Friendship, East Coast Demerara and who is employed as a construction worker.

The box, which was sent by a family member of the young man, consists of two AK 47 Rifles, four 40 pistols, eleven  9mm. pistols, fifteen extra magazines for the firearms, 489 various caliber rounds for the firearms and a body protection vest.

iNews was informed that the young man has been arrested and is in police custody.

According to information  reaching iNews, when Murphy finished paying for the shipment and was about to uplift, officers of the Guyana Revenue Authority opened the package in his presence when they food stuff in the box as well as a military haversack.Firearms GNIC

When the ranks opened the military haversack they stumbled upon the weapons. Reliable police sources informed iNews that when Murphy was questioned by the police, he told them that the box was not his property and that he was only receiving the shipment for someone else, whom he only knows as a “tall red person”

The police are of the view that the man might have been schooled by legal minds prior to picking up the package. The police carried out a search at Murphy’s home where some documents were removed from the premises to aid in their investigation.

The documents suggested that he received  another shipment sometime last month from the very person but the contents of that box are not yet known.



  1. The mysterious “tall red person” . How is the connection made? phone? good this should be easy to figure out.


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