Human Services Ministry launches ‘Parenting Manual’

Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr Vindhya Persaud reviews the special parenting programme facilitator’s manual

In another important step to better aid the development of children across the country, the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security through the Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA), launched a special parenting programme facilitators’ manual on July 27, 2022.

The trainer of trainers will target anyone who wants to be trained, we are
working with volunteers and our own officers and people in the communities.
Parents will be exposed to knowledge of child development and non-violent
methods of discipline and assistance to overcome personal dysfunction that
are affecting their parenting role.

The programme also aids in the process of de-institutionalization of children
and unnecessary separation of children from their parents.

Speaking on the importance of this manual, Minister of Human Services and
Social Security Dr Vindhya Persaud expressed her optimism about the manual
complimenting other initiatives of the Ministry.

“The special parenting manual is an excellent investment by the Ministry of
Human Services and Social Security. It was compiled within the Childcare and
Protection Agency with support from other agencies and spearheaded by
former Director, Ann Greene and Senior Probation and Social Services Officer,
Sherri-Ann Vandeyar-Franchois. I am very happy this manual could be
launched right now because the ‘Every Child Safe’ campaign could be rolled
out across the country and this is an important component where we would be
focusing on the parents and helping to navigate the challenges of parenting,”
Minister Persaud said.

The Minister added, “Before working with parents, there would be a massive
training of trainers’ exercise so that all communities across the country would
be able to help the Ministry of Human Services to roll out the parenting
manual. I look forward for persons coming on board, wanting to work with us
as trainers and I look forward to a time when parents can breathe a sigh of
relief because there is that kind of support that will help them deal with all
kinds of situations that can be considered modern in the sense of difficulties
and challenges, so it is that kind of comprehensive manual.”

CPA’s Assistant Director, Levine Gouveia noted that this parenting manual
launched is one that is needed and awareness is paramount as it looks to
create a holistic environment that caters for their social and emotional

“There is a generation gap between the parents, grandparents, caregivers and
children. Hence there is the need to bridge those gaps through parenting. This
training will help parents to improve parenting skills since the way those adults
were raised will be the very way they raise their children,” Gouveia said.

The Deputy Director related sessions will be held at the community level to
help eradicate child abuse and help the family unit to function better.

Vandeyar-Francois commented, “CPA has recognized that parenting training is
essential for parents since family disfunction continues to be high, creating
serious vulnerability for children that warrants their separation from the
family. The parenting training programme is a preventative one which aims at
providing capacity building for couples or single parents to improve their social
functioning and parenting skills to enable them to provide effective care for
their children.”