Hughes to Ramjattan: ‘Take the Jaguar down’


By Jomo Paul

Cathy Hughes.
Cathy Hughes.

[] – Tourism Minister Cathy Hughes has intervened in a case where Vice President Khemraj Ramjattan had the skin of one of Guyana’s national animals adorning his wall.

Ramjattan had sparked controversy on social media after several photos surfaced with the skin of a Jaguar adorning the walls of his office.

Persons were particularly upset given that the Jaguar is a national animal and is also an endangered species.

When questioned at a press conference on Thursday, Hughes stated that she had contacted the Minister on the issue.

“I could show you an email that I sent to Minister Ramjattan saying Minister, you need to take that skin down off the wall,” said Hughes.

She stated that Ramjattan was told of the inappropriateness of the skinned animal on his wall.

“In this day and age, when we are talking about tourism, about conserving, about specie about sustainable preservation, it is totally inappropriate,” said the Tourism Minister.




  1. Cathy,i really thought you were a woman of integrity but i am disappointed in the manner in which you dealth with such a simple issue.I makes me wonder how u wll you will deal with more serious and challenging issue in the Min of Tourism.

  2. Hughes to Ramjattan: ‘Take the Jaguar down’
    she should be yelling at her husband Nigel Hughes to apologize to the many East Indians that he caused to be beaten robbed and sexually molested on the east bank Agricola public road and leave crooked eye alone.

  3. gess that the best rum jatt can do,, he cant fix the situation affecting Guyanese,, but take down a piece of skin,, or he is hire to keep roooree office clean till he return lol

  4. Oh. LOL. You have been told RAM GOAT. Then again this man eyes are cocked, aren’t they. Cathy give your compadre a break.


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