Honoring convicted terrorist: Government responds to US Embassy

Abdol Kadir

In light of a statement from the US Embassy condemning the National Assembly honoring convicted terrorist, Abdul Kadir, the Government of Guyana stated that it is known that there is a time-honored convention of the National Assembly to observe, in a standard and solemn form, the work of former Members who are deceased.

In a release to the press, the Government noted that the observance of this tradition has never been selective, and has included, over the decades, persons of all political parties and persuasions who served in the National Assembly.

“The Government of Guyana regrets the interpretation given to the motion passed in the National Assembly on April 26 on the death of Abdul Kadir, a former Member of Parliament”, the release stated.

The Government of Guyana asserted that it had no intention of conveying the impression that the motion was designed to honour a former MP convicted of terrorism in another jurisdiction.  The motion, it stated recognises the member’s service as a parliamentarian.

Abdul Kadir

“The Government of Guyana continues to condemn terrorism in the strongest possible way. The Government of Guyana reaffirms its commitment to continue and intensify the fight against terrorism in any form and is proud of its record to date in this regard”, the release added.

At Friday’s sitting of the National Assembly, where the Opposition PPP was not present, controversial former Housing Minister, now Minister of Rural Agriculture, Valerie Patterson-Yearwood tabled a motion – Sympathy on the Death of Abdul Kadir, former Member of Parliament.

The motion states: “Be it resolved that this National Assembly records its deep regret on the death of Mr Abdul Kadir on 28th June, 2018, and pays tribute to his dedicated service to the Parliament of Guyana as a Member of Parliament, where he served in the Eighth Parliament, from April 17, 2001 to May 2, 2006, and to the people of Guyana.

It was tabled in the absence of the Opposition PPP Members of Parliament, who all boycotted the sitting as the Government’s very legality is to be decided by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), which is hearing no confidence related cases next month.

The motion, which was eventually carried in the absence of the PPP/C Opposition.



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