Hindu bodies meeting to resolve Diwali date, Nov 10 to be gazzetted


Diwali[www.inewsguyana.com] – Two Hindu bodies – the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha and the Virat Sabha – are meeting to resolve differences over the date for Diwali celebrations in Guyana. This comes as Vice President and Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan told Inews today that the official gazetted date for Diwali will be on Tuesday, November 10.  

Meanwhile, the Indian Action (formerly Arrival) Committee (IAC) says it has noted what appears to be a controversy surrounding the date for the celebration of Deepawali this year. From what has been in the public domain, it seems there is a difference of opinion with regard to the actual date, with one group claiming it‘s Tuesday, November 10, and another, Wednesday, November 11. “The IAC calls of both sides to engage in meaningful dialogue in an effort to resolve the situation and reiterates the need for unity.”

“The IAC, as an Indian advocacy organization, is concern that if both were to hold their current position, it would result in the festival being celebrated on two separate days thereby creating a division within. In the interest of unity, the IAC urge both sides to engage each other with the intention of finding a common ground for one celebration,” stated the release.

The IAC believes that “if a consensus is not reached, it can precipitate a situation whereby Guyanese Hindus would be divided on a festival that is so sacred to their religion. More so, Deepawali is one of our festivals that has transcended religious boundaries to become a truly national one creating much anticipation and expectation among Guyanese across the country with regard to the annual motorcades



  1. Funny that the headline states Hindu bodies to meet to resolve date of diwali yet the 10th will be gazetted. Seems like the decision is already made by our well paid vp. Public consultation is a mere farce of a formality in this case

  2. The date was set before the year started, now there is a change of government and a certain ‘group’ who are politically affiliated with this new government calls on the new minister to change the date. The minister is so stupid to get involved in religious holidays, that’s not his call, the fact remained that the date was already set before the year started; why wait 10 months after to make an objection? So Ramjattan stop playing God and let it be. This is Guyana, not India, we don’t have to bring forward our date to suit India’s time. If so be the case , then Christmas will not be celebrated on December 25 but according to Jerusalem time.
    Google the date of Diwali and you will get Nov 11.
    Stupid people!!!

  3. Diwali is celebrated on the darkest night of the year and that is Wednesday 11th, so what is the big deal? As of recent, religious days have been changing to 1 day in advance, why is all this happening now? Is there a time change??? People get a grip on it, you are making hindus look stupid. No wonder a lot of them are turning to another religion. Our hindu leaders need to start setting an example and stop making a fool of themselves and the hindu community.

  4. This is Rediculous , why should this be in the public domain. Imagine some of Guyana’s interlectual minds are fighting our a date. I can’t recalled that ever happening.

    Leaders please redirect all your energies to more important issues.


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