Health Minister turns his back on media over questions of maternal deaths


By Kurt Campbell

[] – Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsarran on Monday (January 27) flew into a rage and walked away from a group of media personnel when asked to confirm reports that the two doctors, who were relieved of their duties following investigations into the maternal death of 28-year-old Luan Rodney, have resumed their duties.

The Minister instead sought to blame one section of the media for intentionally spreading misinformation with the intent to cause mischief. Whether it to was to cover-up a wrongdoing, protect the doctors or recuse himself from the situation Dr. Ramsarran said “you are asking questions that you shouldn’t be asking me, you go find those questions out… you go, you go do some research… I know you will accuse me of being arrogant.”

The Health Minister who claimed that he was only moments ago reviewing the report on Rodney’s death added, “Further I will say no more, go do your work, full stop. When asked by iNews if he was dodging the issue, he denied and maintained that he will not clear up the misinformation, as he claimed was reported.

Dr. Ramsarran was very hostile in responding to questions of this ilk while he graciously entertained others. Some reporters could be heard remarking “why is this man being so difficult and making the situation more complicated.”

It was reported that although it was recommended by the investigating Committee that the doctors remain off the job until they would have completed specified training, instructions have since come from the Ministry of Health to have them return to normal practice.

It is believed that the decision was in fact influenced by a Senior Medical Official who recommended to the Ministry that the two doctors be brought back on the job in spite of the Committee’s recommendations.

Ramsaran claims that these reports are false. He said the issue did in fact occupy a large portion of his management meeting for the last few weeks and remains mind boggling.

He further admitted that the report does point to some deficiencies on the part of the nurses and doctors. He said the question now is whether the recommendations have been breached but declined to comment further.

The two doctors, along with two nurses, were sent off on administrative leave to probe the circumstances that led to the demise of Rodney, who was admitted a patient in the Maternity Unit of the hospital to deliver her second child.

The woman’s delivery was reportedly overdue and therefore labour was induced with the use of Cytotec on the night of June 3, 2013. There are reports that the woman was not closely monitored although this is an imperative recommendation when labour is induced. Rodney died the following day.



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