Harper denies being used, discarded by PPP

Elisabeth Harper
Elisabeth Harper
Elisabeth Harper

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Prime Ministerial Candidate for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), Elisabeth Harper is denying reports in sections of the media that she was used by the Party for the May 11 elections because of her ethnicity and is now being discarded.

Harper will not be a part of the opposition PPP parliamentary contingent in the 11th Parliament when the Party decides to go to the House. She has been quoted in reports as saying she was asked to be a Member of Parliament but declined the offer.

In a recent brief statement, Harper stated that the reports make it seems as though she appeals to racism, when this isn’t the case.

“I noted with utter dismay comments attributed to me and alleged sources close to me. These comments are not true. They cast me in a racist light. I have never intimated any such views in particular those being peddled in relation to my being used by the People’s Progressive Party,” Harper stated.

She reiterated that she accepted the offer to be the Prime Ministerial candidate of the PPP/C “after careful consideration and consultation with my family.”



  1. Checkmate! You played with the puppies and got bitten by the fleas! You’re of no use to them now neither can you use them to help your son!

  2. CAR this is the kind of abuse the PPP is capable of and she defended them to death.
    Why dont Indra Chandrapual and the rest now go and picket Freedumb house now that the abuse of one of their own is so obvious.
    The only thing is Ms Harper doesnt see this in the same light.

  3. I’m assuming that in addition to your academic qualifications, you are also an intelligent woman. Why don’t you call what the PPP has done, what it is? if you were GOOD ENOUGH to be chosen as the candidate for PM, why in the world wouldn’t they include you in the Parliament line-up? You should have seen it coming!!

  4. Why did she take so much risk with these rascals? A good lady but poor thinking.Better luck next time.

  5. LOL… yeah right!!!

    Elizabeth Harper is a diplomat… she is trained to avoid such controversial issues.

  6. You were nothing more than window dressing . Admit it at least to yourself. You would have been another piece of furniture like Sam Hinds. What did he do? That man was shamelessly marginalized and did not have enough spine to walk away. Ministers in the previous administration had more power and authority than he had. Hinds was your future. Your presence would have served to give them some semblance of racial legitimacy no more. Window dressing honey plain and simple. A big office with an empty desk. Them boys were not about to share power it got too good to them. Wake up Lady!

  7. Ms Harper made a blunder that costs her career and she said it was by family consultation.
    The PPP if they saw her a worthwhile prime ministerial candidate then why she is not viewed in the same light as a parliamentarian.
    This is a clear demonstration that she has been dropped after unable to deliver on the votes.
    She is quite competent and capable foreign officer and should be offered a diplomatic posting by the new administration. In politics loyalty is always a high risk gesture so it is now left on the new administration to make that decision. It is unlikely they will. The PPP would not have so the question still hangs high was Ms Harper use or misued?

  8. What could this embarrassed good lady say? I admired her before, and I still admire her now. Life goes on. Best wishes to Ms Elisabeth Harper. Play on, my dear. Your music is so sweet.

  9. Harper had to say something to save face. The PPP don’t want her around any longer , that’s plain and simple. Her son’s case has to come up in court and the PPP has enough dirt on them they don’t need Harper around when the hammer falls on her son’s head.


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