Inquiry launched into Education Sector

Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine
Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine

[] – The Education Ministry has set up a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to investigate the issues affecting the Education Sector with the view of revamping the delivery of education in Guyana.

The CoI was also established to investigate and hold hearings across the country and provide a report outlining recommendations for the enhancement of education delivery. 

“The CoI into education comprise of teachers, Education officials, citizens drawn from across the country and experts in various fields. The minister stated that the COI is also expected to conclude its hearings in July,” a press statement noted.

Education Minister Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine has said that while cadre experts have provided reports to him, he is not quite satisfied because he is yet to see reports that lay out an action plan; implementable ones.

The Minister explained that over the next five years he wishes to mobilize across political parties to come together, work together to craft strategies and advance in the interest of the people.

“Education is not something we need to fight over. A solid education system benefits everyone. Education is the foundation of what we do and what we will do,” he stated; adding that, he has been able to draw on relationships established with his predecessor.

Meanwhile, the Education Minister affirmed that as a matter of importance, he needs to know what obtains at each and every school across the country.

He also wants to know what their needs are which will be determined through internal audits that are currently underway.

He said that the audit team will be conducting an “environmental audit of each and every school…I need to know which schools need infrastructural work. I need to know about everything that is lacking in our school system.”

According to the minister reports have already started to come in and he estimates that the audit should be concluded by the end of July this year.

Dr. Roopnaraine said that the audit is critical to the implementation of strong evidence based national policies.



  1. Are we going to do witch hunting for 5 years or implement growth for the country? Watch this growth will stall for the next 5 years.

  2. Have all ug. Classes online or evening classes for teachers or pay trs have. Their salary because they only be in school part time

  3. This is the best comment bobby. LOL You’re right. This COI seems to be the best tool in the arsenal of the Colation.
    Rohee was right all this talk about corruption and how the ppp stole milk from the ppl tea and butter from their bread and ALL i am seeing is damp sqibs.
    Land ownership by the PPP members.
    Operations of NICIL
    A watching

  4. The goodly doctor has surprised me that he has called a COI into the education sector. I am not sure what spurred this line of action.
    I am not sure that it is a COI when i read what his expectations are. It appears that he is seeking feedback on the sector to initialise his strategic plan.
    Since the sector is wide and covers the UG i am thinking, he now has to demonstrate that UG requires its own strategic plan. I dont care what anyone say if in the next year the UG accreditation processes are not activated to the point that all the courses that UG is teaching are accredited by international institutions then i will say that the COALATION has failed. I willl also picket the Government.
    The UG hasto be the best in the Region…
    A watching

  5. The Education Minister should look at the North American model of having trained teachers. It will save money to appoint a commission of enquiry and reduce the 89% brain drain.


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