Harold Lutchman to head APNU/AFC List

Harold Lutchman
Harold Lutchman

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Professor Harold Lutchman has been confirmed as the Representative of A Partnership For National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) List of representative for Tuesday, April 7 – Nomination day.

Officials from the coalition’s camp made the confirmation following reports on Monday April 06.

According to reports, Lutchman has agreed to be the man to officially determine who from the political realm of APNU/AFC sits in the National Assembly after the May 11, 2015 General and Regional elections.

Normally in Guyana, the Presidential Candidate or Leader of the Party would be the head of the list.

When the two political parties signed the Cummingsburg Accord to contest elections under one banner, one of the stipulation stated that the Representative of the List would be taken from civil society.

The coalition agreed that the Representative of the List will be assigned other responsibilities such as ensuring that the tenets of the Cummingsburg Accord are upheld by both of the political groupings.

According to the Representation of the People Act (Chap. 1:03) the “Representative of the List” has to be a candidate of the Party and either be so designated or be the person whose name appears first on the list of candidates.

The Representative of the List is also tasked with the critical responsibility of presenting their Party’s List of Candidates on Nomination Day. Lucthman will also be tasked with ensuring that the List of Representatives for the political Party is submitted come Nomination day.




  1. when u want change then you must first be the chage…no one can change yall mind set…so stop talking trash about who is ppp and who is now..guyana had change..change on a massive scale but not to your liking…then win it at the polls free fair transparent and u will change guyana back to what is was after your massa left..i ent want guylines no more so i changed that..i ent want white yaaz mouth so i changed that..i ent want my parents going to spend a couple of nights in jail for having contraband goods so we could eat so i changed that…u want to go back to that then win it like i won it free fair transparent..u will forever be hurting reading the truth…over to u ranger

  2. Harold Lutchman is not from “civil society”. He is AFCAPNU’s puppet aka robot who is there as a decoy. This professor no longer has any use for his brains and has reduced himself to the lowest of low. Its all a pappy show.

  3. only a foolish foollike u will not want the past heard then stop taking about slavery since u r not owed a thing you foolish fool lol

  4. Dude whoever you disguises yourself as or pretending to be ,you’re probably one of the handful of PPP supporter that’s living in denial right now, the average person in the streets are desperate for change, people are tired of the ppp government, we just wanna live our lives , but this government insist on making everything difficult, we just want a level playing field to compete on, come May 11th they will be a new party in power.

  5. Vote PPP/C. Let progress continue.

    Fellow Guyanese do not be mislead by a few power hungry men. Let’s not be fooled.
    Prior to 1992 Guyanese suffered tremendously under the PNC. Let’s not go back to that era again.


  6. It start changing already!
    Moses said he will get a divorce if things don’t work out.
    Well CYA.
    Call Your Attorney
    if I is you
    I will CYA (Cover My A*sch).
    Fool the fools again is not just a whim!

  7. here we go…….ok….he will make pnc win….case closed….nagababboo done lock up that 11% indian votes despite nababaooo is not indian…what more pnc want..what more pnc need…pnc have my vote..i want to go to jail for having a loaf of bread with 2 or 3 roti in my pocket..i love sporting my white yaaaz mouth beri beri..if u know how good i does look with my puff out swell malnourished belly…then if you see me how i love interacting when i in guylines waiting for my food hamper and lil kero..i love pnc i vote pnc..


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