Easter Messages from political parties



The People’s National Congress Reform extends Easter Greetings to all Guyanese and more especially to members of our Christian Community, both here and around the world, on the occasion of the celebration of one of the most important events in the Christian Calendar. This festival, which commemorates the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, contains both in its symbolic significance, and its secular relevance, important and powerful messages.

For the members of the Christian Community, the Easter story represents the fulfillment of God’s Prophecy that mankind would be offered the hope of eternal life through the sacrificial death of His son, Jesus Christ and His subsequent Resurrection from the dead. It is this faith which has kept the worldwide Christian Church alive and enabled its followers to significantly contribute towards making the earth a better place for all mankind.

The Easter season in Guyana is best known for the widespread kite flying activity that is seen by many as a representation of the theme of the Resurrection. Whatever may have been its origins, kite flying attracts widespread participation of Guyanese, from all walks of life, regardless of religion, ethnicity or culture. It, therefore, offers another opportunity for Guyanese to share common experiences and understand each other better.

As we celebrate Easter this year, we, in the PNCR, bemoan the corruption, crime and general moral decay that have become pervasive in our land. On May 11th our country has an opportunity with the Coalition, A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) to experience good governance through a Government of National Unity; a chance for a rebirth of national pride and national unity.

Let us hope that the symbolism of our kites soaring to the heavens inspire all Guyanese to emulate the example of Jesus for the renewal of hope for the resurgence of the conditions needed for the future development and prosperity of this our Dear Land of Guyana.


APNU+AFC Easter Message

A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) extends Easter greetings to all Guyanese, especially to our Christian brothers and sisters. The festival of Easter commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians recognise that, during his earthly life, Jesus demonstrated His concern for the poor and powerless in society, as well as his opposition to ills and evils many of which regrettably now afflict our country and hamper our development.

As the celebrated Indian national, KulapatiVani wrote many years ago, “…festivals are gatherings for refreshing the spirit and enjoying life.” We urge all Guyanese to use this occasion of Easter to refresh their spirit and enjoy life and to participate fully in this colorful festival and enjoy the rich elements of our religious and cultural diversity.

As a nation let us find spiritual inspiration in the promise of the resurrection and brace ourselves against that which has impeded equal opportunity and to restore equity, justice, peace and prosperity to our dear land.

Easter signals a season of renewal, of change, of moving ahead. It is time for change, and on May 11th Guyanese will have a chance to vote for change.


PPP Easter Message

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends Easter Greetings to all Guyanese, in particular our Christian brothers and sisters.

Easter which is celebrated in observance of the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is celebrated throughout the world with prayers and flying of kites.

This year’s Easter celebrations is taking place at a critical time in our political life when the country is preparing itself for another general and regional elections which resulted from a power-hungry political opposition. These elements are trying feverishly to deceive and betray the Guyanese people through subterfuge and false promises.

But like Jesus Christ who tested the will and eventually triumphed over the betrayal by his one time disciple Judas, in same manner the democratic forces will prevail over our present day Judases who is prepared to sell their soul for the gratification of their egos and political ambitions.

The PPP remains confident however that the Guyanese people will allow good sense to prevail and reject these power hungry elements who are so obsessed with the love for power that they will stop at nothing to realize their ambitions.

The PPP takes this opportunity to call on all Guyanese to reflect on the teachings of Jesus Christ and his humility and exemplary life.

Let us also at this time reflect on the enormous progress we have made as a country over the years and to strive to ensure that the gains made over the years are not squandered by those with unpatriotic and anti-national predisposition.

As we celebrate Easter let us re-commit ourselves to do all within our power to help our beloved country to soar to even greater heights in the true spirit of Easter.



  1. PNCR and APNU+AFC are all the same set of power hungry vindictive political aspriants. Of course, they have that right to aspire to the high office. Reading through their Easter messages, you can recognise the one thread in both; the well worn out accusations of corruption, inequality, injustice to name just a few of the alledge ills committed by the PPP/C administration. Why are they sending messages as two different political groupings when everyone knows they are ONE and the same set of people who mis- used their ” one seat” majority in parliament for three consecutive years to stifle development, by butchering the budget despite the learned juge Ian Chang ruled that they could not? Why did they block major projects which would have propelled Guyana’s development at a much faster pace? Mr Granger is on record as saying that APNU/AFC have been working together over the past three years in parliament. Working to do what? The Guyanese people have seen for themselves what they have done; the most unpatriotic, antinational decisions taken to stifle further development for the betterment for ALL Guyanese. Come May 11, all must turn out and vote solidly for the CUP so that those NAMAKHARAMS who now curl up in bed with PNCR now masquarading as APNU, can bury their heads in shame if they have any. Long live progress! Long live the PPP/ C! Long live the CUP of life.


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