Harmon tells PPP/C “it’s not too late” to be a part of parliament

President Donald Ramotar in discussion with Opposition Member, Joseph Harmon at the opening of the 10th Parliament.
President Donald Ramotar in discussion with Opposition Member, Joseph Harmon at the opening of the 10th Parliament.
Minister of State Joseph Harmon in discussion with Former President Donald Ramotar at the opening of the 10th Parliament.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The 11th Parliament is set to be convened on Wednesday, June 10, but the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is yet to indicate whether or not it will be taking part in the National Assembly and represent the 49% of the electorate that voted for the Party.

Minister of State in the Ministry of the Presidency,  Joseph Harmon however is insisting that the PPP/C still has an opportunity to do what is right by representing the persons that voted in favour of them in the May 11 General and Regional elections.

Harmon says he hopes that “better sense will prevail and that they will understand the importance and duty of taking up their seats in the National Assembly.”

According to him “it is not too late to do so now, even if they miss the First Sitting, they can catch the second one.”

The Minister reaffirmed that the APNU+AFC Government stands ready to work with members of the PPP/C indicating noting that “the cooler heads” of the Party should be able to realize the importance of them going to the National Assembly.

He explained the broader picture that the PPP/C must realise that “thousands of people voted for them, and it is their duty to see that these people are represented in the National Assembly, since they are not representing a personal right, but a ‘representative’ right.” [Extracted and edited from [GINA]



  1. I’m going to use a faze of one of the pppc campaigners, Clinton Urling, show me the evidence. If u can’t, then give a rest and move on. Better yet get a life.

  2. Mike,
    At some point, the PPP has to admit that it should never have allowed the elections to be so close, given it held power for 22.7 years. How can it not see 2015 as a repeat of 2011: TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT?
    1. Anyway, I refer you to a Demerarawaves news item, “GECOM to announce results that will show a trend; PPP wants partial recounts in all 10 regions,” Wednesday, 13 May 2015 13:10hrs.
    “The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) intends to ask for a partial recount of ballots in all 10 regions, according to Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr. Steve Surujbally.
    “This request represents and expansion of an early request by the party for recounts in regions/districts 1, 2 and 8. He said that the PPP/C has detailed the specific number of ballots they want recounted in regions/districts 1, 2, 4 and 8, but are yet to specify in a similar manner for regions/districts 3, 5,6,7,9 and 10.”
    2. The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Wednesday afternoon (May 13)began recounting votes in three districts, following bitter complaint by the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) about alleged skullduggery. GECOM Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Keith Lowenfield says GECOM is going ahead with the partial recounts of ballots in regions/districts 1, 2 and 8.
    3. The following day, May 14, 2015, Chronicle reported, “GECOM says no to 267 requested recounts in Region 4 —still no green light for recounts in seven regions.”
    RECOUNTING is ongoing at polling stations in Regions 1 (Barima/ Waini) and 2 (Pomeroon/ Supenaam) – two of the 10 regions where recounts were requested by the ruling People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C).The Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Keith Lowenfield, yesterday disclosed that the Returning Officers, in whose hands the decision lies, are yet to grant approval for the recounts in seven regions – Regions 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
    My reason for referring those items to you is to show you that the PPP has be shifting the goal posts in search of scoring a goal, because it went from seeking partial recounts to seeking full recounts. Maybe a full recount will settle the matter, but it has to now make its case to the court because Gecom appears to have shut down all openings for a voluntary full recount. So, what is the PPP’s legal basis to have the court order a full recount? A legal basis is what a court must act on!

  3. GECOM must provide the dis-aggregated results of the National and Regional elections, 2015, that its Chairman promised to all the Commissioners at a meeting held about a week ago. According to Commissioner Gunraj, Keith Lowenfield, the CEO of GECOM, failed to keep this promise. Who is really afraid of jail?? One month and your government failed to haul any “corrupt” member of the PPP to Court. If after six months you fail to jail anyone for your concocted stories of corruption then, your Pecksniffiann claims would be confirmed.

  4. So sad no more corruption the ppp get kicked to the curb it’s a new day in guyana all the ppp criminal afraid of big house JAIL

  5. It’s a lie the ppp lost the election stop fooling yourself the corrupt ppp former minister afraid of going to jail.

  6. Emile , Hoyte didn’t provide any proof but he was granted a recount. The recount proved that there was not even one error in the result. How about that?? Or is that the past that we should forget? WHAT should really happen is that ALL the election riggers should be in jail- past and present. When that happens we’ll have to build a jail five hundred times the present Camp Street Prison. You may be surprised to know that many who are now calling for the PPP to be in jail will be the first to go there, possibly including YOU !!!

  7. I keep smiling each time the PPP/C and GECOM is mentioned because I just keep thinking, if only Jagdeo had paid just a little more bribe $$$$, they would have had the victory. But you see, there were too many outside organizations observing this time than the last election; so only the real ballots with the watermark made it impossible for fake ones to slip through. So Mr. Surujbally or whatever his name is, had to follow the rules, and could not pass the fake ones. What a Calamity!

  8. They day let sleeping dogs LIE, the recount is only going to make a lot of the Pocket Picking Poppets/ criminals do stupid things,,?????. Please guys let the dogs sleep,,,,you were kicked out,,acept and bless,,,oh pay back the millions you thief,,

  9. The proof is in Gecom. Recount the votes like they did for Hoyte and you will see a different result.

  10. You idiots make me sick,recount all the millions you thief from the consolidation funds,the 154 sugar workers money,the very ppl that voted for you criminals,recount the 400 plus murders of youths most of them afro guyanese,recount and tell the nation why you fools murder your own agri minister Shaw, you ppl have NO shame,,,49% of indo guyanese is what put The best government in charge of you criminals,,JAIL time will be swift for many of you,,,

  11. I do not know why the coalition appears so desperate for the PPP to join it or to take up seats in Parliament. Am I missing something? Look at the tip of the iceberg of corruption and tell me if the PPP deserves to be in Parliament or in jail!

  12. When you are dealing with a group of people (PPP/C) who had convinced themselves that winning is the only thing that matters; it is hard to convinced them that the 49% who voted for them matters too, and need their representation in parliament.

  13. Why don’t the Minister of the Presidency and Governance ask or demand that Gecom release the vote count to the general public,or even better why not have a recount and auditing of the ballot boxes. Hoyte was granted recounts.

  14. Sir, the PPP/C asserted that the elections were rigged. They are yet to provide the evidence. They have to supply the evidence to substantiate their case. Their assertion is NOT enough.
    Mr. Ramsammy recently said that the then “opposition” stole 10, 000 votes in Georgetown. No proof is tendered. Does this reflect the view of the PPP/C? Peace!

  15. Mr Harmon your pitch about the PPP/C representing their 49 % in parliament is total BS. It is more than 49 %, GECOM stole the peoples’ rights. I don’t know what is on the minds of the PPP/C but in my opinion, the “49%” must first be represented in Court, even up to the CCJ, before taking up Harmon on his defective “49%” reasoning.


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