Guyana halts flights of Venezuela’s state-owned airline



By Jomo Paul

Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson
Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson

[] – The Guyana Government has taken a decision to halt the flights of CONVIASA, Venezuela’s state-owned airline over the non-payment of bonds and landing fees to the government and the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

As a result of the flights being stopped, reports indicated that close to 50 Venezuelan nationals have been left stranded at the CJIA, after they turned up for a flight home on Saturday and were informed that it was cancelled.

When contacted, Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson confirmed that the airline had neglected to pay its dues hence its landing license was suspended.

According to Patterson, “I am informed that CONVIASA owes CJIA money for landing fees as well as the civil aviation authority….they are yet to pay CJIA, the Civil Aviation Authority and the bond.”

He explained to iNews that the faster the company is able to adhere to its responsibilities the suspension will be lifted and the company will be able to return to normal flight schedules.conviasa

On Saturday it was revealed that Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro had signed a decree claiming Guyana’s oil rich waters – a move that was sternly rejected by the Guyana government.

When asked whether recent developments with respect to territorial integrity had anything to do with the suspension of the airline, Patterson responded in the negative


  1. I’ m not sure how authentic or disinformative this article is and what this medium hope to achieve with this early release but considering our neighbour’s territorial challenges this can be viewed as childish pranks …… when your hand is in K-9 jaw, diplomacy warrants you pat the dog’s head until you can negotiate with a boulder …


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