Harmon pulls plug on Dax Cable contract

Minister Harmon and officials at the meeting. [Jules Gibson Photo]

Minister Harmon and officials at the meeting. [Jules Gibson Photo]
Minister Harmon and officials at the meeting. [Jules Gibson Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister of State Joseph Harmon has decided to pull the plug on the contract awarded to Dax Construction Services to complete works on the Fibre Optic Cable laying project.

Earlier this year, DAX Contracting Services Ltd was hired to execute rehabilitation and related structures from Lethem to Georgetown at a cost of US$4.5M.

In exchange for repairing the cable, Dax was also given forty (40) years of exclusive use of portions of the cable, duty free concessions for SUVs and four door pick-ups, as well as tax holidays.

The deal was heavily criticized by the then APNU+AFC opposition. A release from the Minister’s Office stated that on Friday August, 14 Harmon met with Faizal Mohammed of Dax Construction Company, along with E-Government Advisor Floyd Levi.

“The meeting was called to inform Mohammed that government has commissioned a team of telecommunications experts to review the Fibre Optic Cable laying project that was overseen by former project manager Alexei Ramotar,” the release stated.

Minister Harmon informed that all works by Dax are to be halted while the team does its review, after which they will report on the project execution, the amount of money expended, the performance of contractors and consultants; they are also expected to advise government on the possible utilisation of the cable and on the way forward.

“Mr. Mohammed for his part pledged his cooperation and gave his commitment to work with the new administration in whatever manner they decide following the release of the report,” the statement noted.

According to the report, Harmon assured Mohammed that he would be fairly treated for whatever “measured works” he would have accomplished in fixing parts of the cable.



  1. Fully agreed. He seems to be doing the PM’s job. Could the commentaries be right? Is Moses Nagamootoo nothing more than a “rubber stamp”? No doubt that Mr. Harmon may be doing a good job, but still…


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