Dynamic Airways forced into bankruptcy proceedings in NY

Captain Gerry Gouveia
Captain Gerry Gouveia

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Court documents filed on Thursday, August 13 in New York indicate that Dynamic Airways has been forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, but local representative of the airline, Captain Gerry Gouveia in a statement to the media on Friday night (August 14) revealed that the airline has not filed for bankruptcy.

He noted that three hotels in the United States filed bankruptcy proceedings and have cited Dynamic International Airways for the non-payments of hotel service bills.

“Dynamic’s entrance into the Guyanese market continues to be a rewarding one, giving Guyanese non-stop flights from Georgetown to New York at an affordable cost. We recognize its period of service like any other airline came with challenges; however those challenges were met with the determination to deliver superior service to the Guyanese people,” Gouveia noted in his statement.Dynamic

He said that the proceedings will not affect service in Guyana.

“We reiterate that Dynamic International Airways service to the Guyanese Market is here to stay and the Hotels in question bankruptcy proceedings will not hinder Dynamic’s service here in Guyana.

According to Gouveia, after extensive financial and operational fitness review process, DOT has issued Show Cause Order confirming that Dynamic International Airways is ready and capable to receive Flag Carrier status in United States and become an international scheduled airline.

“Highest level of both financial and operational fitness in United States which is provided to very limited amount of airlines and only to those that pass extensive review process. This order issued by DOT is publicly available. In past similar attempts by certain “lawyers” and “tour operators” allegedly “concerned for public interest” proved to be nothing more than a misguided attempts of manipulation of public opinion,” Gouveia noted.



  1. You are an epitome of a moron. An airline that smells like piss, serves a small bag of salted pretzel, the cheapest glass of water for a 5 hour flight +a 5 hour delay=10 hrs. You are one of those who are accustomed to being abused. That buck man is only fit to run after labba!

  2. This is one of the worst airline that I’ve ever had to deal with…I would not recommend them to anyone. Stick to what you know people and save your money and your sanity this airline is a big rip off.

  3. Wow, if there was no Dynamic Airways, we would still be paying 1200$ tickets on CAL. This reminds of that big shot lawyer Rambaran filing lawsuit and then court calling him a felon and incompetent…

  4. They aircraft stinks! It has a distinct outhouse smell that this totally disgusting! They need to focus on refurbishing their stinky aircraft!

  5. What the hell do these two-bit crooks know about running an airline?… and to think Guyana once had its own airline.. and once these people get their claws into it thinking they can run rhis bysiness it goes bust… Please stick to what you know, selling coconut water at the road side


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