HALTED: No more vending on Robb Street between Alexander and Bourda road

Town Clerk, Royston King, has halted street vending on Robb Street between Alexander and Bourda road, in Georgetown. The move  comes in the wake of reported complaints by the nearby Mikes Pharmacy of the stench and insanitary condition the vendors leave the area in. “We have decided to clear everyone from vending here until further notice. This is a pharmacy and we spoke to the vendors several times about keeping their surroundings clean but they have not been doing so,” King commented.  When INews visited the area this morning, barricades were being erected and workers from the Georgetown Mayor and City Council were cleaning the gutters. City police  were also seen combing through the area clearing all street vending in the vicinity.
A representative of the pharmacy said the city council has made the right move. She stated that when people come to do business it is to get heal and not to get sick from the dump site created by the vendors who pollute the atmosphere in the process.
“Unless you make an example of some of them (vendors) they would continue to leave the place dirty,” said another pharmacy employee.
According to one vendor, who sell from 5:00pm to late at night, and who has a wife and a child, he do clean his area every day but there are some who made it bad for the others by leaving the place in a deplorable condition. The man who gives his name as Raj said that he depends on this to sustain his family. He said that over 100 vendors use the area on a 24-hour basis.
Trucks with produce to sell were seen arriving only to be greeted with the news of the new rule.
The following scenes were captured by INews photographer Carl Croker this morning outside the Mike’s Pharmacy
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