GWMO lambaste Police Force for poor policing in interior locations


By Leroy Smith

Simona Broomes
President of the GWMO, Simona Broomes

[]There was nothing good that the Guyana Woman Miners Organisation (GWMO) had to say about the police with respect to their policing of the mining sector especially when it comes to the areas in which women have claims and concessions.

After launching an anti-trafficking in persons campaign for the hinterland locations since its formation two years ago, the body on Friday night launched its first report under the theme” Lifting the veil of modern day slavery.”

The report among other issues touched on the safety and security in the interior locations. The report pointed to the often claims that due to the geography of the and low population density, crime fighting in those parts of the country remain difficult but the GWMO has found that the police have been slow to respond to crimes in that area.

A major concern for the Organisation is the usual practice of ranks working in those locations and not wearing their uniforms as a form of identity as a police officer. This, the report suggested poses a challenge to the fight against trafficking in persons fight.

The issue of police complicity in the social ills of the industry including trafficking and gender abuse was another issue raised.

According to the GWMO’s report, there continues to be a large number of complaints filed with the police in interior locations by the body and which have not been properly investigated and in some cases, some of the reports are ignored by the police.

The developments are of a concern to the Organisation according to its report but vowed to continue its efforts in advocating for greater protection and more responsive law enforcement.



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