GuySuCo’s CEO fired; Board of Directors urged to resign

Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) Dr. Raj Singh
Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) Dr. Raj Singh

[] – The Government of Guyana has announced that it has dismissed the Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) Dr. Raj Singh on Wednesday, June 03.

A statement from the government noted that “GuySuCo has been suffering increased losses over the years. In 2014, the sugar corporation received a $6 Billion bailout. For this year, the corporation has requested a $16 Billion bailout package.”

It was noted that on the directive of Cabinet, Agriculture Minister Noel Holder issued the letter of dismissal to Dr. Singh and it takes immediate effect.

In addition, the statement noted that members of GuySuCo’s Board of Directors have been instructed to send in Letters of Resignation with immediate effect.

According to the statement, “Over the years GuySuCo has been sinking further into debt due to ineffective operations both at the financial and production levels.”

Government noted that in order to ensure that the Corporation continues to survive, the Government will be putting in place an Interim Management Committee that will take effect from June 4, 2015 and which will oversee the Corporation for at least six months.

It was noted that before the end of this month, the Government will establish a Commission of Inquiry to look in to the operations of GuySuCo and chart a way forward.

“The Government wishes to assure workers of GuySuCo that they will be paid and there will be no closing of the Sugar Corporation,” the statement concluded.

A few days after the APNU+AFC government took office, the CEO had instructed the unions that employees would not be paid and that the industry will close its doors.

But the new Agriculture Minister had said he was not informed of this development even after meeting with the CEO. He had described it as political mischief on the part of Dr Singh. The CEO was on the list of candidates for the PPP/C contesting the May 11 elections.



  1. I agree that Dindyal needs to go. Apart from being a political hack who was mentored by Reepu Daman Persaud and Bharat Jagdeo, He is also incompetent. He don’t know to plan. That is why he is so energetic with ad hoc measures to please politicians. If he knew to plan the situation requiring ad hoc measures would very seldom arise. He also cannot manage. A manager operates within his limitations. He could have put the planning mechanism and structure in place and just monitor and oversee, but even that he failed to do. He is not executive material.

    You are right. Deonarine has been too tight with Brassington and was fingered in the 2009 fuel contamination fiasco that cost millions of dollars and he was not visible for days after.

    Don’t forget the DCEO (Tehnical), Welch. He is always at sea. He is not just a sailor he is the Grand Admiral. Something about him does not gel. His history should be investigated.
    These guys are not rounded enough in terms of qualifications, experience and competence for their positions and super salaries. You need all three qualities. They should all be put out to pasture.

  2. Dear, Minister i will like to see Mr. Anthony Viera at the helm of this organisation i believe he can make a difference, if my memory serves me well he was once the shadow minister of agriculture.

  3. Mr. Holder your a minister of no mean order, your next move is to look at all general managers and field manager, they, if remain will make no difference to positive change and turn around plan.

  4. Well I wish to see Mr khan an allot more of them thiefing forestry money. The even taking the staff compounding money to. I wish if the president. Look in to this an the human resource officer dismissed allot. Of staff. For no reason just because the would not talk out. Wen a staff talk the get transfer. Or send home

  5. I concluded from your comments that you are suffering from apnea. You are very delusional with your train of thoughts and assumptions. It is okay to write an essay, however very fictional versus fact. It is very simple to write anything that comes to mind, however laying blames on individuals has no merit without the facts.

  6. You will actually insist that one should be fired because of their political affiliation? Or should it be due to not performing to expectations or not meeting the requirements of the position. Well I guess we welcome the PNC Regime again, they will fired those who are supporters of PPP. Welcome to total destruction of Guyana!! They will now bring it to the ground after Burnham brought it to its knees in the 70’s.

  7. The best News for GuySuco and the country as a whole. But wait, he should be barred from leaving the country until the investigation into Guysuco has been completed.

  8. This should have been done from the inception. I think it’s time for the new administration to move in on the Guyana Power & Light Inc. CEO – Dindiyal and DCEO – Deonarine. They both were not serving in the best interest of the company and they will not do so in this new dispensation. CEO is linked closely to Freedom House and the DCEO is linked closely Mr. Brassington.

  9. The new regime can find an alibi to fire everyone who is of a different political persuasion. If they continue with this nonsense they might eventually have to fire more than 375 000 people -nearly half of the population. May the Lord help us from this group of tyrants.

  10. Ever since he needed firing matter of fact let him face the court and all the rest who was on the ppp list of candidates find them and fire them we want nothing to do with the ppp

  11. Roll their heads. Nepotism must be nipped. Many are just opportunists and ‘stooges’ for the financial wizard who failed the sugar industry and left Skeldon under-performing; unhappily the Chinese have not lived up, it seems to honor their commitment of 100% performance. The Trade Union leader has his head buried in the sand and now and again takes it out and spouts insincere messages of concern. They are all traitors to the sugar workers many of whom are, sadly to say, gullible and sentimental. They have not realised that the late Cheddie is no longer there – they also failed to recognize the sincerity of the late Hugh Desmond Hoyte who freed the economy, stopped all the lines for flour and fuel, established a Police Academy in Belvedere Corentyne (?), tried to balance ethnically the Police Force, and who reassured the Indigenous (Amerindians) People in the development of their own lands even though the economy was just starting to improve – the OIl Crises had knocked the sails out of Guyana, and all third world countries. Overseas investors/investments were attracted Barama, Omai Gold Mines, GT & TC (with new shareholders), local entrepreneurs operated more positively and confidently, the mining sector was moving along, and exploration of improving Electricity generation supplies was among the top priorities with Health and Education. In an apparent sudden rise of gold prices and an unrestricted (illegal) drug trade, coupled with some positives by the PPP/C in the Rice & Housing Industries, the Administration felt they owned the country: Employing contracted relatives and friends at exorbitant rates…money to give-away. None to save for a rainy day. Well, it is hoped this Administration tread carefully – evaluating and assessing the present situation carefully, weeding out the ‘opportunists – another word ‘bloods….rs’. It must also be wary within itself too. If not, a people remains suffering while a few are enriched. Govern wisely – this is expected from HE Granger and the Hon PM, Nagamootoo, et all. Be true to thyself. Onward Guyana!


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