6-Y-O allegedly raped by male neighbour


rape[www.inewsguyana.com] – Police on the Essequibo Coast are on the hunt for a “Rastaman”of Onderneeming Housing scheme who is wanted in connection with the rape of a 6 – year – old child.

According to reports, the man lives next to the little girl. The circumstances surrounding the sexual assault are unclear at this time; however iNews understands that the matter was reported to the Suddie Police station and the child was rushed to the Suddie hospital where she has been admitted.

The suspect continues to elude the police.



  1. Crimes, crimes, crimes. Criminals in office and criminals in the street. Guyana stinks with crimes!

  2. Like this thing is a normal thing now or what? What is the president doing? What are all the ministers doing about these things? How come the police can’t catch these vultures? Why the soldiers not hunting him like the animal he is? Come on president of Guyana you say the children are the future so what will happen to their futures? I can’t understand why these men don’t want women they only preying on these little ones. God be with you child.

  3. The government should change the currency so that billions that was allegedly stolen become useless

  4. This story is terrible why would a grown man hurt a child, he needs to be punished in the worst way. My suggestion is castration for real…

  5. When caught this dirty dog should be put in a cell with BOBO he can experience the life long pain both physical and psychological that he caused that innocent child. Where was the parent (s) when their child was being violated by this gargoyle?


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