Guyoil announces adjustments in fuel prices


The following statement in relation to adjustments in fuel prices was issued by Guyoil earlier today: 


The Guyana oil company wishes to announce adjustments in fuel prices with effect from Wednesday, 2016-10 -19 as follows;

















The upward adjustment in Kerosene and Gasoil prices by $5.00 per litre respectively, are directly related to increased acquisition cost from source, which is consistent with the current trend of upward movement of fuel prices on the World market. Guyoil had been absorbing these fluctuations but recent movements have made these adjustments necessary.

Conversely, Guyoil is happy to announce a reduction in the price for Gasoline by $2.00 per litre which will not only have a positive impact on individuals who use their vehicles to go to work and conduct business but also on the transportation sector. It ably demonstrates Guyoil’s commitment to act in the interest of all Guyanese and the nation as a whole.

As a Guyanese company which is owned and managed by Guyanese and who is a major contributor to the national coffers, Guyoil continues to contribute in a positive way to the overall development of Guyana and remains steadfast in its commitment as stated in its motto …….“Excellence in Service”



  1. Only the poor man is feeling it.These wicked and corrupt politicians are just looking out only for themselves.Who uses kerosene and who uses gasolene? It is the poor uses kerosene and the rich uses gasolene. So when kerosene goes up and gasolene goes down who benefited? $ almost 5% increase. They started to take back from the 10% they promised to give to the poor this month end. I hope the poor man is taking note. The poor needed to demand better treatment from this inept APNU government. The poor needed to demand a reduction in the current price to enhance “the good life.”


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