Overhead vehicle pass for Diamond


Traffic congestion on the East Bank Demerara, in the vicinity of Diamond, could soon be eliminated. According to a report from the Government Information Agency, there are plans to construct a vehicular overhead pass in this area.

Project Manager, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Sunil Ganesh
            Projects Manager, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Sunil Ganesh

Ministry of Public Infrastructure’s Projects Manager, Sunil Ganesh, said tenders for the project should be advertised early next month and works will commence early next year.

“There are about 20,000 vehicles that use that intersection, so this vehicle overhead pass would significantly reduce the backup of traffic existing in Diamond, so when the vehicle overhead pass is completed you have free flow of traffic coming out of Diamond, there will be almost zero delay,” Ganesh explained.

According to the GINA report, Ganesh said that in addition to the vehicular overhead pass, pedestrian overhead passes would be constructed in the vicinity of the Demerra Harbour Bridge next to the office of the Neighbourhood Democratic Council, another at Eccles on the eastern side of the traffic light and a third in the vicinity of the Houston Secondary School.

Meanwhile, the East Bank Four Lane expansion project that started in 2012 is almost completed. The Ministry is currently working on installing traffic signs and road markings on certain sections of the road. The project was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) at US$17 million.


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